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Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande

Variana is the real-life pairing of Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande (V/ictoria and Ariana). Like all of the Victorious cast, they were close in real life. It had nothing to do with Cori, although some fans may think so. Ariana mentioned in numerous videos that she was so proud of Victoria. Victoria also said that she thought Ariana was very cute and girly.

Recently, Victoria and Ariana got into a heated public fight on Twitter after Ariana implied that the reason Victorious ended was because of Victoria choosing to do a solo tour rather than a cast tour. This caused both fandoms to get into a huge war.

It is unknown if they are still friends.

Ariana recently mentioned in an interview that she was bullied in set. Fans believed that it was Victoria, but Ariana soon cleared that she was bullied on Broadway, and she had the best time on the set of Victorious. Recently, Victoria tweeted about Ariana and cleared everything up. Many believe this means they're on their way to becoming friends again. They also recently re-followed each other on Twitter and Instagram meaning that there friends again.

Variana Moments


  • Tweet from Ariana in January about Victoria Justice.
  • As of August 1st, they have had the same profile picture.
  • Ariana tweeted "So much fun walking the red carpet next to my good friend @VictoriaJustice! It was so great seeing you! :D ♥"
  • Ariana tweeted "I can't wait to see the Britney tribute, ahh! And i ALSO can't wait to see my friend @VictoriaJustice present! You better work, girl!! ♥ Xo".
  • When Victoria Justice got over a million followers on Twitter, Ariana tweeted "@VictoriaJustice congratulations!!!! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see you soon!!!! :] ♥"
  • They both tweeted about making a wish at 11:11 on 11/11/11.
  • They both tweeted about doing a comercial for xBox.
  • They both tweeted a picture of the two together at the xBox commercial with a friendly caption.
  • Ariana tweeted "Another fun day at work with my friend @VictoriaJustice! :]" and Victoria responded with "@ArianaGrande Cute!! Fun day blondie :{)"
  • Ariana tweeted "Happy 19th Birthday @VictoriaJustice!! I hope we can celebrate many more together! Love you. P.s. it's your turn on Scramble. Lol. :] 💗"
  • Ariana tweeted "On my way to sound check for Chipmunks singing along to "Begging on Your Knees" - @VictoriaJustice :D #1DAAAAAAAAY 💗 :*" and Vic replied with "@ArianaGrande Haha, yes! Crawlin' like a # ;{)"
  • Ariana tweeted "Good luck to all the amazing nominees! This is going to be so fun.. Fingers crossed for @VictoriaJustice @Victorious and @icarly tho.. :D " showing her support for Victoria and the cast.
  • Ariana tweeted " @VictoriaJustice Hi I'm in the school room alone. I miss u. #bored :{)
  • Ariana tweeted " :O!! I just hit 1.6 million followers. Thank you guys for sticking around & always being here for me & real with me, it means the world.. " and Victoria replied with " @ArianaGrande Congrats!!! :{D xo"
  • Victoria Tweeted "West Coast, r u watching the brand new episode of @Victorious ?! Let me know what u think. @MattBennett & I get pretty messy & smelly ;{)" Ariana tweeted back "@VictoriaJustice I'm watching! Chop chop chop da squid 🎀" Victoria tweeted back "@ArianaGrande Disappoint my father! . Lol. ;{)"
  • Victoria tweeted "Morning every1! These r words 2 live by. Worry about yourself & spread words of <}3 & kindness!! RT!" Ariana tweeted back "@VictoriaJustice Love those words a lot. :) Congratulations on the big day today love.. So proud of you! See you soon, xo.. 💗"
  • Finished day two of rehearsal for our Orlando trip.. I'm singing a really fun never before heard duet with @VictoriaJustice! ☺#seeuthere RT @ArianaGrande Give it up 4 the _________! ;{)
  • Ariana tweeted "😘 @VictoriaJustice" and "Love you @VictoriaJustice!"
  • Victoria tweeted a photo of the Victorious characters as ponies and Ariana tweeted " @VictoriaJustice that's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Xoxoxo" Victoria then tweeted back " @ArianaGrande "Haha, isn't it amazing!? I freaked out when I saw it. Lol. :{P xo"
  • Victoria tweeted that her tour is tonight and Ariana tweeted "@VictoriaJustice good luck tonight girly! You're gonna kill it.. ❤ "
  • After Ariana and Victoria's huge fight on Twitter, they both stopped following each other but for some reason, Ariana decided to refollow her.
  • After a fan put a false accusation against her, Victoria tweeted:
    • .@kristenLTFU Ariana wasn't talking about me, she was talking about her experience on Broadway. How does it feel to have misinformation?
    • .@kristenLTFU It never said my name and she apologized to me. She said she was misquoted by Seventeen. #GetTheFactsStraight
    • Many fans believe that because of this, Ariana & Victoria may have become friends again.


  • Victoria said that Ariana is very peppy, girly, and cute when asked to describe her in an interview.
  • While doing an interview at Victoria's 18th birthday party, Ari said that all she wants is for Victoria's birthday wishes to come true.
  • Danwarp posted a video on his YouTube with Ariana and Victoria goofing around near the Grub Truck. He later deleted it...but somebody else posted it:
  • Danwarp also posted a video of Ariana tickling Victoria.
  • Danwarp has recently posted a video of Victoria trying caviar for the first time and Ariana was
    Tumblr m009id1BaR1qjhgnwo1 500-1
    there with her. [1] [2] [3]
  • In the music video for Beggin' on Your Knees, Victoria pulls Ariana along with her, making her follow her.

    Vic and Ari..Mustached ;{D

  • In the music video for All I Want Is Everything, Victoria hugs Ariana first out of everyone in the cast.
  • Ariana's favorite memory with Victoria is when they were singing "Best Friend's Brother" on the rooftop. She said it was a great bonding moment for the two.
  • In this video, at around 2:33-2:44, you can see Victoria and Ariana socializing.
  • In Blooptorious, a blooper is shown where Victoria and Ariana are seen jumping around and laughing together.
  • In this video at 2:02, you can see Ariana and Victoria talking and hugging, as Avan approaches the girls he says that Victoria and Ariana make the little mermaid (as Victoria was wearing a green dress and Ariana's red hair), and he makes them hug again and then the girls go back to socializing.
  • In a interview when Ariana had to describe about her cast mates, she said that the first thing that she thought about Victoria was food. Also in a video about her talking about Victoria's birthday, she said that Victoria loved food and when they were filming a Slap video (The Funny Nugget Show),
    IMG 4641

    Variana - Always besties, acting or not...

     they both ate all the sour worms and said it was really fun!
  • In this video, Ariana and Victoria are about to shoot a scene together. Before they do the scene, Ariana dances in front of Victoria, and Victoria laughs. They are also seen talking to each other and laughing.
  • Ariana and Victoria sang LA Boys together during a concert at Universal Studios, Orlando.
    13ddcb1ab29811e1bf341231380f8a12 7

    Ariana and Victoria singing LA Boys

  • In the KCA's 2014 when the cast of Victorious went to the stage to honor Dan Schneider, Victoria was seen hugging Ariana in the Blimp Cam 2. 


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