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Jandre Fanfic - Part 1

The Bell rang at Hollywood Arts and the gang went to class. Jade came in and Andre was looking at her.

Tori:Hey,Hey Andre.

He ignores Tori and still looking at Jade.

Tori:Andre, Hello are you there.

Tori waves her hand over his face.

Andre:What, I wasn't staring at no one. Oh hey Tori.

Tori:Why was you looking at Jade.

Andre:No Reason,Why, I didn't do anything!!

Tori walks away while Cat and Beck come in.

Cat:Andre look at Mr. Purple, Beck made him go Green.

Andre continues to look at Jade.

Beck:Andre, Hello are you there.

Cat:I don't think he's there.

Sikowitz comes in.

Sikowitz:Ok settle down for a fun lesson on learning.

Tori:We're going to Learn how to Learn.

Sikowitz:Yes i just said that.

Andre Continues to look at Jade.

Sikowitz:Let's have Andre and Jade on the stage.


Andre and Jade walk on stage

Sikowitz:Ok so I want you two do a scene.

Jade:On What


Jade and Andre:Ok..

They get ready to do the scene

Jade:Ok Andre, Today we are gonna learn


Jade:So First..


Andre Screams and runs out the classroom

Jade runs after him

In the Hallway

Jade:Andre, Andre where are you

Andre:Oh, Hey Jade

Jade:I saw you looking at me

Andre:Yeah Well

Jade:Well if you wanna get out of it, well you can't

In The Background Tori and Beck sneek up

Tori:Get out of it?

Beck:You mean like..

Tori:They could be Dating


Andre Look around and Tori and Beck hide

Andre:Fine meet me tommorow at my house at 7

Jade:I'll be there

Part 2 is here yay!

Thanks for Reading

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