A lot of people on here have had bad lives and have been bullied. Bullying is not cool. If you think it'll make you popular, you dead wrong. Saying mean things that are true stick to the brain, even things that are not true. Bullies, how would you like it if someone pushed you against the lockers? How would you feel is someone told you were fat/ugly/stupid/just plain blech/ or something else? Here's a tip: Stand up for. It's even better if you have friends for back-up incase you don't have anymore comebacks. For example: 

Bully: Dumby, ugly, fat, and you don't belong her.

Someone: When you were born, you're parents made a mistake. 

Bully: Then why am I still alive? Then why are you're ribs showing.

Someone: Because- 

Friend: Hey! He/she's awesome. Whatever you say won't stop us for proving you wrong.

That's standing up for yourself. 

If someone is bullying you, go to an adult that can help you. If you're tired of the bullying, DON'T WRITE A SUICIDE NOTE. That doesn't solve anything. If you're being bullied, ignore it. I've been bullied to and I still do get bullied but you're not alone so don't end you're life, just fill you're head with good thoughts, even you're friends are their for you because if all the things the bully said, you're parents would've abandoned you and you wouldn't have any friends. 

Stop bullying because it's not nice and doesn't make you look good. If you're a person who needs to stand up to a bully, come to my message wall for advice or PM me whenever I'm in the chat room. Bye! Remember, don't listen to the bullies, listen to your family and friends. 

Good night/morning/afternoon. Stay safe. ;)

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