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  • Minithepeanut

    Okay, so many a month ago I created this survey blog, and after a long hiatus, I hath decided to revive the idea.

    How it works is;

    Any user, for example, ILoveMyCats, will leave a comment with a survey question. Then another user, or example, GetARealLoveLife, replies with their answer.

    So it's something like

    ILoveMyCats: Who's your favourite Victorious character?

    GetARealLoveLife: Burf, obviously.

    Some Basic Rules

    • No uber personal questions, like "Where do you live?" "What's your last name?" etc.
    • No ship warring. Saying a favourite ship is okay. Asking a least favourite ship is not. Also, telling someone that your fave ship is better than theirs is obviously not accepted.
    • No copying this blog idea without messaging me.
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  • Minithepeanut

    RIP Chloe

    February 9, 2013 by Minithepeanut

    This is just a note to let everybody know that a user on this wiki, known as PrettyLittleLiars124 to some and to those she was closer to, Chloe, has passed away at some point in the past half an hour. Supposedly, her friend, Jaceline found out about ten minutes ago that she left a note and shot herself because people were being mean to her on chat. Sadly, no one on chat is quite sure what they did to upset Chloe, and we're all terribly sad that she has passed away.

    The note said: Dear family and Jaceline, I can't deal with this bullying. I am leaving now. Out of this world, where I cant be bullied at school and on a chat room.

    This blog is here so that anyone who knew her can grieve and share condolences.

    We're certain no decent person, in th…

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  • Minithepeanut

    MiniMag - Issue 3

    December 28, 2012 by Minithepeanut
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  • Minithepeanut

    This is a message for any readers of MiniMag, who may have been anticipating a third issue around the end of November, and I'm sorry to say that, due to my internet being disconnected, I haven't written an issue 3 of MiniMag, and so there will be no November edition.

    Hope you still come back to see the other issues when I get back to writing it.

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  • Minithepeanut

    MiniMag - Issue 2

    October 30, 2012 by Minithepeanut
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