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  • InsaneBlueberry

    Secret Santa 2012

    November 29, 2012 by InsaneBlueberry

    With it almost being Christmas time, let's get ready to get all holly and jolly and spirity and whatever other adjective go here to describe this season. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you're probably all of those things anyways. So let's get to work on "Santa Stalkers." *

    Now, last year, we had a Secret Santa - made by the lovely Oreo/Keove who sadly left - and it was a huge hit with the users. I decided this year to create another Secret Santa - but it is called Santa Stalkers - for everyone to participate in! I've already talked to a few users about it and they've asked me to go ahead and sign them up for it, so that's why there's already names on the list. Now let's move onto the rules and such! Fun, fun.

    * Shanie and Carlaay sug…

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  • InsaneBlueberry

    The Fourth Vent and Stuff You Hate Blog

    So, I decided to finally make my first blog as the 4th Vent/What I Hate blog. I thought it was finally time for us to get a new one started. Go ahead and get to venting and hating all you want.

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