"Ok come on Trina are you joking?" asked Tori. Trina looked seriously "No!" yelled Trina. Then before Tori could answer Trina pulled Tori closer by the shirt and yelled in her face "When a women tells you her feelings you must take them SERIOUSLY. Don't you toy with my emotions Tori DO YOU UNDERSTAND?". "Y-yeah" Gulped Tori slowly backing away. Beck stared at the conversation with a confused look on his face will the confusing conversation continued. Tori looked at Trina "Well No were sisters thats just creepy incest" she said. Trina looked at her and said "But" but got cut off by Tori "Incest is wrong Trina". Trina sighed. "But to be honest I have HOTS for you too...." said Tori. Trina was happy "Really?" she asked. "Yes HOTS Highly, Official Thing Thats Sarcasm" replied Tori. "Fine whatever" said Trina. Tori walked away and Trina followed "Come on gimme a chance baby sis" she said running up to Tori and kissing her. "Tr-trina Stop!!" yelled Tori. Trina kissed harder and then Tori started falling in love. "That feels nice" said Tori. "mmmhmmmm" said Trina. Tori then said "I-I l-love you "

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