The poice handcuffed Jade and lured her outside. "Alright watch that bitter head of yours" said the first officer. Luring her into the car Jade growled. The poice got in and looked at Jade the first one stared at her "Alright you have the right to remain silent, Missy" he said. Jade then exspoled with anger as she started to scream "Why you little Bi-" before being cut off by the second officer. 

                                   ""Meanwhile with Tori and Beck""

After a while Tori and Beck had perfect home to live in. "Now Jade will never find us" said Beck. Tori smiled "Yep thats true" she replied Then all the sudden Tori got a call from Trina asking her to meet up with her. Tori said yes and had Beck drive her home. "Ok Trina what gives" she said while walking in. "How do I look?" asked Trina. "How do you look?" asked Tori. "Yes Tori" said Trina. "You look....Amazing" said Tori with her jaw dropping. Trina winked "I know" she said. Tori looked confused "But why?" she asked, Trina looked at her nervously and mumbled "Because I've got the "Hots" for you". Tori had fully madeout what Trina said but to make sure she asked Trina to speek up and thats one it hit her she had heard Trina perfectly well.

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