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    I am a bit angry and very curious to ask Dan something, I was watching a youtube user, communitychannel's videos and I clicked on this one. It says that if she ever had a restaurant, she would call it Wokstar. My question is did Dan copy this name for the show? Please tell me what you think. Skip to 1:05-1:22

    I know it's just a little thing but Dan always says that it is illegal for him to take any ideas from fans and although this girl may not be a fan she did say Wokstar which is the episode name of Wok Star and the restaurant name in that episode. Do you guys think it was a coincidence? I'm just really confused right now

    EDIT: Yes this was posted before the episode was filmed

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  • Crazylazylaptop

    I Wish...

    December 19, 2011 by Crazylazylaptop

    This blog is when you comment and start with "I Wish" and just say what you wish and people might agree.


    I wish that I could fly

    See, simple...Go!

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  • Crazylazylaptop

    Season 2 Went Quick

    December 10, 2011 by Crazylazylaptop

    I'm not sure if it's late to post this blog but I need to say it. Does anyone feel a bit upset or feel that Season 2 of Victorious went super fast? I definetly did. I mean 13 episodes is not even close to 20. I really wish that Season 3 would air at the next Kid's Choice Awards like Season 2 did. I wander why Dan only had 13 and does that mean that this season will only have 13 episodes?

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  • Crazylazylaptop

    Im back!!

    November 21, 2011 by Crazylazylaptop

    Hey everybody!!! I'm back! I'm still not 12 but my summer holidays are really soon so I will probably be around the wiki again!! Can't wait to get started again! Hope you guys haven't forgotten me

    I've recently been looking around pages and it's not that exciting. WHAT HAPPENED?!?

    I can't believe there isn't going to be an episode until December :( Oh well...

    Great to be back! It definetly seems more peaceful. Happy you guys have sorted things out

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  • Crazylazylaptop

    Bye Everyone!

    October 6, 2011 by Crazylazylaptop

    I just learned (yes just, sorry about that) that the age limit is 12 and I will tell you now that I am under that. So I am going to leave this wiki until I am old enough to be here. I will still look around the wiki now and then but I just won't comment or edit but I still will comment on blogs and create blogs just not so much. This is my last day. So, bye everyone! See you again on my 12th birthday. :D

    Even to those who hate me, we had some good fights and I'll miss you more. Don't forget we're a wiki family. :)

    Please do not me upset because whenever I read leaving blogs I get really upset. No it's not just of the age limit, I definetly thought about this realy hard and I ask that you please respect my choice. Don't worry, it's not because…

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