Hi everyone :)

So, as some of you may have noticed, there have been constant (almost daily) vandals on this wiki as of late. In some cases they act like “generic” trolls, in other words they vandalize pages, insert inappropriate images, etc. In other cases they specifically target certain user profiles (mostly mine, but Cc has been targeted as well).

Many, but not all, of these acts of vandalism are done by “Kayla”, we know which ones are hers. Others, mostly the one editing my profile page, may or may not be somebody else (we don’t know who it could be, but if it continues we can ask staff about it and hopefully they’ll cooperate).

But the reason I’m writing this blog is not to complain about vandals, but rather to address a few issues.

  1. Do not engage: Number one rule when dealing with internet vandals is “don’t feed the troll”.  Their purpose is to upset people, so if you go on their message walls freaking out over what they did you’re simply rewarding their “work”.
  2. This quote: “No one insults an admin and gets away with it” – I’ve seen this more than once whenever Kayla leaves lovely messages on my wall. I have a favor to ask…please don’t do this. I’ve said it before; I’m no different than any other user except I have a few extra privileges. I’m probably more forgiving when people insult me than when they insult regular users, because I’m an adult and petty insults don’t offend me, and when they come from trolls they even entertain me. Kayla gets an automatic ban because she violated the abusing multiple accounts rule a while ago (long story short: she vandalized quite a few pages, replacing all contents with profanity and got blocked. Then she returned the next day with a new account, and the day after that with yet another account, and so on. By making new accounts to bypass a block she violated the ‘sock-puppetry’ rule. Therefore she’s not allowed here). If it were any other user cursing at me they might get away with murder, so long as they don’t violate any other wiki rule.
  3. Don’t go around “hunting” for trolls. I’ve had a few people (well, just one really) contact me saying that they found new Kayla accounts on radom wikis and that I should block them before they get here. Don’t waste your time.

Last, but definitely not least, if an admin can’t immediately take care of a vandal it’s not the end of the world. Anyone can undo vandalism. Also, yes I know that regular users cannot delete pictures, however if a very inappropriate picture is posted here then there a very simple temporary solution and I would like to give Matt some credit for this since he did it once and I thought it was very clever: upload a different image under than same name (it has to be the same exact name and file extension). It replaces the previous image; therefore what you see is the image YOU uploaded and not the inappropriate one. I always check the blocked user’s contribs. so eventually I WILL delete any picture deemed inappropriate for this wiki. So don’t worry about that.

Oh and don’t rush contacting staff and VSTF. Some of you know my Twitter (do NOT post it here). It is locked, yes, but anyone, whether they follow me or not, can still tweet me (unless I have blocked you, in which case, tough luck haha...whoops) and I will see your tweets. If you tweet me and I’m near a computer I will be here asap. If I'm not here within 20 minutes it means I’m not available. But to be honest, I have the wiki activity page on auto refresh and I check it every few minutes, So most of the time, if I'm available, I will be here even if you can't see me.

I think that’s all for now. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I will see you around.

-Me. (I swear it IS me)

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