Hi everyone.

As many of you are aware, Sam and Cat premieres on Saturday, June 8th. The series title says it all; one of Victorious's main characters will be going on new adventures and meeting new people in this new show. With that in mind, however, I ask that you keep the content of all articles in this wiki limited to events that occurred on Victorious only (so as to keeping them strictly cannon with regard to Victorious). 

While a small mention on a character or ship page stating that the character appeared or was mention on Sam and Cat is acceptable, any details and/or specific 'moments' regarding such appearance or mention belong on the character/ship page on the Sam and Cat Wiki. Same rule applies to photos in photo galleries.

For the most part this will only apply to the following pages: Cat Valentine and Gallery:Cat Valentine, and of course any character which happens to be mentioned or appears in an episode (should that be the case).

Having said all that, feel free to continue to update cast members pages with new career developments and/or new projects (such as new seasons of Sam and Cat, Twisted, new music, etc). 

We appreciate your cooperation. Got questions? Feel free to ask and we'll answer them.

All the best :)

The admins.

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