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Cabbie in The Diddly Bobs
ImagesCA93UGU3 Victorious is this user's favorite show!

My name's Wild Jackal and I love Victorious

Favorite TV Shows: Victorious, iCarly, Big Time Rush, Glee, The Office, Ned's Declassified, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, True Jackson VP, Drake & Josh.

What I Ship

Victorious-Tori/Andre, Trina/Sinjin, Beck/Jade, Cat/Robbie

iCarly-Carly/Freddie, Sam/Spencer, Gibby/Tasha

Big Time Rush-Kendall/Jo, Carlos/Stephanie, James/Annie, Logan/Camille

Glee-Rachel/Jesse, Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana, Burt/Carole, Emma/Carl, Mercedes/Sam, Sue/Brad, Will/Holly

My Favorite Characters

1.) Robbie-I like how he's weird and interesting; I get some of the biggest laughs from his parts. I think he's adorable and I love the episodes where he is in a lot. He's definitely my #1 fav. character.

2.) Jade-She's so evil and "scary" (in a good way). It's cool how she loves strange things like blood, fatty lump, etc.

3.) Andre'-He's very funny and cool and laid-back. How could you *not* love him!?

Robbie This user loves Robbie Shapiro!!!
Jw s3 This user likes Jade!!!
Tandre6 This User thinks André is pretty Hott!!!

My Favorite Ships (NOTE: I love ALL friendships, there are just a few in particular.)

1.) Cabbie-I LOVE Cabbie. They look so good together and they get along well, too. They are similar in personality and it was brave of Robbie to ask Cat to the prome.

2.) Bade-They have fights, but they love each other...

3.) Tandre'-It's quite obvious that the two get along well and will always be best friends; I love the idea of a great singer like Tori and a great keyboard player like Andre' to be together.

4.) Trinjin-It seems like it could work...

5.) Bat-Even though I ship Bade, Bat still has some cute moments and I really like how they look together.

6.) Jori-I LOVE their friendship!!!

7.) Catrina-I've learned to love their friendship a lot. I really liked how they sang a duet in the car in Tori The Zombie.

Tandre3 This user ships Tandré!!!
Basfghf ♥How can you NOT ship Bade? It's so ADORABLE!!!♥
Cabbie This user thinks Cat and Robbie are meant to be.
Trinjiny This user ships Trinjin!
Bat is so adorable This User thinks Bat is SOO cute!!!

Http media 5-16-2011 WPR9Ai This user thinks there should be another Jori hug!
Catrina duet This user LOVED the scene in Tori The Zombie where Cat and Trina sang together!
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Victoria-justice-style-4 This user thinks Victoria Justice is AMAZINGLY beautiful and talented!!!

Ariana+Grande+77kids+American+Eagle+Denim+fVkPIYSjaBfl This user ♥'s Ariana Grande!
Liz gillies in winter This user LOVES Elizabeth Gillies!!!

Robbie This user LOVES Matt Bennett!!!
Dm This user LOVES Daniella Monet!!!

Avan Tudor Jogia This user LOVES Avan Jogia!!!

Leon Thomas III This user LOVES Leon Thomas!!!!!!
ToriVegaytr This user loves Tori and think she's the best character in the show!!
Robbie This user loves Robbie Shapiro!!!
Beat This user ALWAYS feels bad for Robbie!
Victorious-season-1-27 This User is TEAM ROBBIE!!!
Cat This user is a HUGE fan of Cat!!!
Candy This user really wants some candy!!
Picture 44 ♥This user LOVES Hats!!!!♥
Tandre51 This User is a huge fan of THIS GUY!!!!
Cade 2 ♥This user LOVES Animals!!!♥
Jw s3 This user likes Jade!!!
Character beck This User LOVES Beck Oliver!!!
Mr. Sikowitz Coconut milk gives this user visions.

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