Andre: Well this is a great way to spend a Saturday.

Tori: I have never had detention before.

Robbie: I’m kind of nervous.

Jade: If you hadn’t made us late for class, we wouldn’t be here

Robbie: I was choking on a pretzel.

Andre: Well, why you always got to be choking on something.

Beck: Uh, give him a break.

Tori: Yeah, it’s not Robbie’s fault he has a petite throat.

Robbie: It’s average!

Rex: Ha!

Tori: Hey, who’s in charge of detention anyway?

Andre: Vice Principal.

Jade: Dickers.

[ Vice Principal Dickers Enters ]

VP Dickers: Morning, waz-bags.

VP Dickers: Detention is that way, In the library. Get ready for the worst day of your lives.

( Pointing up the stairs towards library )

[ Cat Enters ]

Cat: Yay! Were at school on a Saturday.

(Cat laughs)

VP Dickers: ( Yelling and pointing ) Library!

( Tori, Cat, Jade, Beck, Andre, Robbie walk up the stairs )

Jade: All right.

Cat: Don't have to yell at me.

{ In The Library }

VP Dickers: Well, well, its 7:06 AM here in Los Angels. That mean in Australia it's yesterday.

VP Dickers: Or tomorrow .

( Robbie puts his hand up )

Robbie: You know, in Australia, when you flush the toilet, the water swirls backwards

VP Dickers: Put a sock in it, Afro.

VP Dickers: You clowns are gonna sit here all day, and think about why you're in detention.

( Jade spits chewing gum in the air and Rex catches and puts it in his mouth )

( Rex Chuckles )

VP Dickers: Now, cellphones, let's have them. Why? Because in detention there are no phone calls.

Beck: What about texting?

VP Dickers: No.

Andre: Email?

VP Dickers: No!

Tori: Can we play Grumpy Gerbils?

Cat: I love Grumpy Gerbils!

Robbie: I can't get past level 23.

VP Dickers: Zip it, corn pie.

Jade: Can we have corn pie?

VP Dickers: Shut up!

VP Dickers: Phones!

( Dickers holds a box as students get up and put their cellphones in the box )

VP Dickers: Now, I'm going to put your box of phones right here.

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