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"Maybe Sikowitz locked himself in a dark closet crying because you made his life seem like a big fat pile of garbage!"
Jade to Tori.

Tori Tortures Teacher
Season 2, Episode 10
First Aired October 1st, 2011
Production Code 206
Writer(s) Matt Fleckenstein
Director(s) Russ Reinsel
Viewed By: 3.77 million
Episode Guide
"Who Did It to Trina?"
"Jade Gets Crushed"

Tori Tortures Teacher is the 10th episode of Season 2 of Victorious and the 30th episode overall. It first aired on October 1st, 2011.[1]


Sikowitz comes in and announces that it is his ten year anniversary teaching at Hollywood Arts, then shows the class his gift, a "one cup coffee maker." Tori thinks that he deserves more, so

Meet Bunny... Not a cat!

she and the gang decide to take Sikowitz out to a play to help celebrate. However, Tori selects a play that ends up making his whole life seem like "a pile of garbage," according to Jade. It is about a man who is upset because instead of living out his dreams, he is just a high school teacher, and has been for ten whole years. Sikowtiz leaves during the play and becomes very depressed and Tori believes that it's all her fault. However, when she tries to cheer him up, she finds out he is depressed because during the play his girlfriend texted him, saying she was dumping him and moving to Fresno. Trying to find him a new girlfriend, she tries to audition girls, pretending it's a student film and having them act with Sikowitz and kiss him during the scene. However, it turns out he doesn't miss his girlfriend, he misses her pet, Bunny, whom who loved more than his ex. Thinking that she can help him, Tori gets him a rabbit the next day. However, he reveals that he's not a rabbit person and his ex-girlfriend had a cat named "Bunny." When Tori tries to think up a new plan, despite Sikowitz saying he would get over it, her friends abandon her. Tori ends up keeping the rabbit and watching TV with her, while eating carrots.

Subplot 1

Trina runs into a hot senior named Shawn, who she tries to make a pizza for to impress him. She and Cat take a frozen pizza from the Vega residence and disguise Trina as a pizza delivery girl. The first time, he refuses to eat it because he is allergic to bell peppers; and the second, Trina finds out he has a girlfriend. She gets mad, and ends up throwing the pizza against the wall.

Subplot 2

Beck and Jade are text fighting.


  • Jade said "I'm gonna have a banana" and then ate one, but in her profile video, she said she doesn't like bananas. However, in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, she said that she likes to torture herself.
  • In the last scene of the episode, Robbie is wearing bigger, thicker glasses than he does through the rest of the episode. This is because Matt Bennett was wearing his own glasses instead of Robbie's and forgot to replace his glasses with the glasses he uses in the show.
  • Jade says that Sikowitz's classroom is the third door on the right but in Pilot, Rex said that the classroom was the second door on the right.


  • This is the fourth time that Tori's name has been used in an episode title.
  • This is the second time Sikowitz is the main focus in an episode. The first was Sleepover at Sikowitz's.
  • The title of this episode has been alliterated, similar to that in Beck's Big Break.
  • Sikowitz mistranslates some Spanish words, a possible reference to some Scooby Doo mysteries where the character of Fred mispronounces French, Italian, and Arabian words.
  • Fresno is mentioned in this episode.
  • At the very end of the episode, Tori asks the bunny if it wants to watch CSI. She then changes the channel and a police car can be heard on it.
  • The theater set used in this episode was also the movie set in iCarly's episode "iQ". Coincidentally, this episode premiered following the premiere of the former.
  • Sikowitz said that his girlfriend's cat had 3 legs. There has also been a mention of three-legged cats on iCarly, where Sam said that her cat Frothy only has three legs.
  • When Trina visits Shawn's house, the entrance is the same set used when Sam goes to visit Gibby in the iCarly episode "iSpeed Date" and when Carly goes to Nevel's house in iNevel
  • This is the first time that a character (André) has broken the fourth wall in an episode; he questions the fact that none of them sit on the end of the table that faces away from the camera. The cast glances at the spot for a few seconds before changing the subject.
  • This is the only episode of Season 2 to not hit the top 10 on iTunes overall nor reach #1 on the Kids charts (though it was only behind its iCarly lead-in).
  • Near the end of the episode, Robbie is seen wearing bigger glasses (like Matt usually wears) than in the past.
  • Ending Tagline: Jade: You have that dream, too?
  • This is the third episode of Season 2 with no singing.
  • After Sikowitz dismisses class because he's upset, he purposely falls out of his window. This is a reference to the first Victorious episode, "Pilot", when Sikowitz asked Tori if she ever considered entering class through the window.
  • Cat was involved in every plot during the episode (the main plot, Trina's subplot, and Beck and Jade's subplot). Likewise, Robbie and André are noticably out of focus in this episode, getting less screentime and a few odd lines each.
  • This episode was filmed during the week of December 7, 2010. 
  • This is the second time cereal is stuffed into a characters face to stop them talking (Jade to Cat), the first time being when Tori stuffed Raisin Bran in Jade's mouth in Sleepover at Sikowitz's.
  • Near the end it looks like Tori uses a TiVo remote as it looks like a virgin media TiVo remote.
  • Larissa Jenson is an ambiguous refrence to Marissa Benson from iCarly.
  • When Sikowitz was speaking in Spanish Tori was correcting him meaning she knows how to speak Spanish pretty fluently.
  • This is the first time Trina's been called a Grunch.

Running Gag

  • Shawn calling Trina Tarnie.
  • Beck and Jade text-fighting; one types something and the other one reads it and says, "What?"
  • While Tori is auditioning women for Sikowitz, Jade stuffs cereal in Cat's mouth.
  • Sikowitz saying that they say something in Guatemala and Tori corrects him, saying that what he said is completely irrelevant to what he said it meant.


Reactions have generally ranged from mixed to positive. The episode premiered to 3.772 million viewers.


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  • Tori: Why don't I just lay down on the floor so you can kick me?
  • Jade: You have that dream, too?

  • Jade: Way to go, Tori. You broke Sikowitz.

  • (Sikowitz falling apart and crying)
  • Tori: Sikowitz!
  • Lane: What did you do to him?

  • Trina: (to Shawn) WE ARE OVER!
  • Tori: (After Sikowitz speaks spanish)That means I forgot to wear underwear..
  • Sikowitz: No I was sure I.. Yup, yes it does.
  • Tori: Where is Sikowitz? 
  • Jade: Maybe Sikowitz locked himself in a dark closet crying because you made his life seem like a big fat pile of garbage!

  • Woman: (to Jade) Excuse me, will I be auditioning next?
  • Jade: Maybe.
  • Woman: 'Cause I've been waiting for like, forty minutes and I...
  • Jade: Okay, take care now.
  • (She walks away)
  • Cat: You're so good with people.


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