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This page is about the musical group. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.
The Diddly Bops

The original Diddly Bops.

The Diddly Bops are a musical group that performed the song, Favorite Food at Henry Chase's fourth birthday party to replace the Wagga Fuffles when the Wagga Fuffles' private jet crashed into a mountain, possibly killing if not severely injuring them. The group's performance was leaked onto Videos for Kideos and SplashFace. It is a parody of The Doodlebops. The members are: ((2) indicates the second 'fake' group.)


Picture Name Role/Food
Tori Vega/Sinjin's Friend (2) Ice Cream Cone
André Harris/Sinjin's Friend (2) Spaghetti
Robbie Shapiro/Sinjin Van Cleef (2) Pizza
Jade West/Trina Vega (2) Hamburger
Cat Valentine Broccoli
Beck Oliver/Sikowitz (2) Hot Dog

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