Campy quiz

TheSlap's Campy Quiz is a quiz about which camp you should go to and with which Hollywood Art-er.


1. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?


  • Sing in the shower
  • Check yourself in the mirror
  • Check your phone for texts

2. When you're waiting at the doctor's office, you...


  • Read a tabloid
  • Listen to Headphones
  • Play a game on your phone

3. Your favorite subject in school is...


  • Gym
  • English
  • Choir

4. What's your favorite kind of movie?


  • Romantic Comedy
  • Musical
  • Action - Adventure

5. What's your favorite kind of music?


  • Rock
  • Show Tunes
  • I don't really like music

6. What do you love to wear?


  • Jeans and Tee Shirt
  • Fancy Clothes
  • Leather

7. If you could live in any city, which of these would you pick?


  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle, Washington

8. What kind of hairstyle would you rock if you could choose any of these?


  • Whatever
  • A Mohawk
  • Long Extensions

9. Which of these people do you consider your idol?


  • Lady Gaga
  • Johny Depp
  • Shaun White

10. Which of these would you want as your ride?


  • Skateboard
  • Sports Car
  • Limo

Awnsers you can get:

  • Video Game Camp Action and adventure is your thang! So it looks like you'll be hanging with Sinjin at Video Game Camp this summer. Hey, it's better than rooming with his weird friend Burf.
  • Drama CampLife bores you, so you have to add some drama to it once and awhile. You and Beck will have a great time at Drama Camp. Maybe he'll even let you borrow his hair gel.

Singit "Sing the next line!"
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