Tap It
Pearphone XT
Cat's PearPhone XT on the app Tap It.

Type of App:

Money Saving App



Used By:

Cat Valentine

Seen On:

PearPhone XT

Tap It is the name of the app for the PearPhone that Cat becomes obsessed with in Driving Tori Crazy. Tap it sells random things at very low prices. It is a parody of a real life app called Groupon. To purchase you tap the duck (hence the name 'Tap It').

Items Bought

  • A box of C batteries.
  • Bags O' Rags.
  • A party bus, for Tori, and friends to ride to school in.
  • 18 lbs of cat food.
  • 4 deluxe car washes.
  • 4-hour photo session.
  • Six belly dancing classes.
  • 3-night stay at a five-star resort in Greenland.
  • Human hair extensions.
  • Half-off a dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice. Not valid for Northridge.
  • Mint green skinny jeans.
  • Realistic looking fangs.
Singit "Sing the next line!"
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