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Tandrobbie is the tri-pairing between Tori Vega, André Harris, and Robbie Shapiro (T/ori, Andr/é, and R/obbie). They're all on good terms with each other.

For the individual pairings, see Tandré, Rodré, and Rori, respectively.

Tandrobbie Moments:

Season 1:


  • Robbie (and Cat) tell André and Tori to go back to class.
Rori TheDiddlyBops

The Bird Scene

  • André and Robbie help Tori with her books.

Freak the Freak Out

  • Both Robbie and André yell at Tori for leaving them with Trina (feeling hurt and betrayed), and seem to take it more personally than Beck does.

Wok Star

  • Tori, André, and Robbie go to Mrs. Lee's restaurant together.

Season 2

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • Robbie and André both help Tori find the letters.
  • André helps hold Tori back from attacking Robbie.
  • When Robbie comes in from being attacked, André and Tori look at him in concerned ways.

Prom Wrecker

  • Both André and Robbie help out with Tori's Prome.
  • Both Robbie and Tori show discomfort when André kisses Sherry, possibly because they are both jealous.
  • When Tori realizes she doesn't have a date to the Prome, she says to André in a slightly hopeful voice, "Well, I could just dance with you....or Robbie..", meaning she wouldn't mind doing things with Robbie and André that she would've done with an actual date.

Jade Gets Crushed


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  • Tori tells André and Robbie that she loves them (although she follows it up with "but please leave.").
  • André and Robbie sit down with Tori.
  • André tells Tori that Robbie should tutor her because he had the best grade and she needed the help.

Season 3

The Gorilla Club

  • André and Robbie are there when Tori is rehearsing her lines with Sikowitz for the second time.
  • After watching André and Robbie do the Hammer Dance, Tori has the courage to face the gorilla again and do the Hammer Dance too.

André's Horrible Girl

  • Tori and Robbie both hate Hope and instead of saying she was pretty, like Beck, they called her "nice" and "generous."
  • Both make a good-natured fuss when they see André in his new outfit, cheering and whooping like they found him attractive.

Tori Goes Platinum

  • Tori, Robbie, and André all talk to Cat by video chat.
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  • Although André and Robbie both want to watch Jade rehearse, they stay to avoid hurting Tori; however, Tori allows them to leave, knowing they want to.
  • André and Robbie both kiss Tori on the cheek at the same time when she tells them that it is okay to go to the Platinum Music Awards' rehearsal to see Jade rehearse.

Season 4


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