Steven Carson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Homeschool Student
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Relationships: Tori Vega (Ex-girlfriend)

Carly Shay (Ex-girlfriend)

Enemies: Tori Vega

Carly Shay
Sam Puckett

Series Information
First appearance: iParty with Victorious
Last appearance: iParty with Victorious
Portrayed By: Cameron Stewart

Steven Carson (portrayed by Cameron Stewart) is Tori and Carly's ex-boyfriend. He only appeared on iParty with Victorious. Tori and Carly like him very much, until they both find out that Steven is dating them at the same time. They decide to get back at him by telling thousands of people he cheated via iCarly.


Steven and Tori

According to Tori's blog:

  • He has TWO zippers on his jacket pocket. Why isn't one zipper enough? Is he greedy?
  • He never wants to watch iCarly with Tori -- which is weird because it's like everyone's favorite show and he watched it with her in iParty with Victorious.
  • His second toe is bigger than his first. Someone once said that's a sign of intelligence. Of course that "someone" was Sinjin and no one should listen to Sinjin.
  • He thinks living in two states makes him really cool. I'd agree if I didn't have to share him with Washington!
  • He's extremely camera shy -- he really doesn't like his picture taken. He doesn't even have a SplashFace account!

According to Carly's blog:

  • His nose gets pink when he gets embarrassed.
  • He could tell Carly how the states got their shapes.
  • He is so flexible that he can scratch his ear with his toe -- which is kinda useless but awesome anyway!
  • He's Steven with a "V" not "PH" -- he says the V is for Victorious...
  • He doesn't use internet slang like LOL or TTYL. He's so sophisticated.


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