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"Tori's gonna go get ready to sing her song!"
— Chris Burm to the audience.

Star Spangled Tori
Season 4, Episode 12
First Aired January 26, 2013 [1]
Production Code 325 [2]
Writer(s) Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak
Director(s) Adam Weissman
Viewed By: 3.013 million [3]
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"The Slap Fight"

Star Spangled Tori is the 12th episode of Season 4 of Victorious and the 59th overall. It is the penultimate (second-to-last) episode of the series.



Tori scores a gig to sing the national anthem at a televised basketball game. She's concerned she'll flub the lyrics, however she meets a much more red-faced situation courtesy of the team's mascot.



Jade and Robbie start getting suspicious when they notice Cat acting oddly, such as buying a bag's worth of soda, brushing her teeth at school, and parking her bike at school after hours. They both chase Cat around the school but lose her at the Blackbox Theater, where they decide to drop the chase until they see her again at Tori's house. Once again, they question what she's been up to but are interrupted by Tori singing the National Anthem. Afterwards, they drive her to the school by her request and stealthily follow her. They track her to the school's attic which she reveals to be her new living space for a long time (the reason being that her parents and brother are in Idaho for 6 to 24 months to keep her mental brother institutionalized, and Cat had no nearby loving relatives to stay with. Her Nona was also apparently not around, she having moved to Venice, Italy). Both Jade and Robbie don't like the idea of leaving Cat alone in the attic with over-sized rats, so Robbie spends time with her while Jade discovers that Cat's Nona is actually in Venice, California. Cat is then able to leave her living space and stay with her Nona until her family returns.


  • This is the tenth and final episode to use Tori's name in the title.
  • The song Bad Boys is featured in this episode.
  • Bad Boys is officially the last song ever to be sung on Victorious.
  • This is the last episode in which Tori sings a solo.
  • Sikowitz makes his third appearance since Robbie Sells Rex with Rex.
  • Holly Vega makes her last appearance in this episode.
  • This is the last time Cat wears real clothes.
  • This episode was confirmed by Kellen McGee, the bass player in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade. [4]
  • Kellen McGee who plays Georgie her third and final appearance. The first two were Tori Fixes Beck and Jade and One Thousand Berry Balls.
  • This is the last Victorious episode for Cat to mention her brother.
  • The dialogue during Robbie and Cat's go-fish game was already premiered in this iCarly video, with the characters playing go-fish and the running joke of the female character flubbing the 'fish' line (Freddie: Gimme all your threes. Sam: Go 'foosh').
  • This is the penultimate (second to the last) episode of Victorious.
  • Ending Tagline: "Is it my turn to squat?" -Cat.
  • Nona, Cat's grandmother, appears as a recurring character in the spin-off series Sam & Cat.[5][6]
  • This is the third episode in which a running gag involving Holly Vega is featured. The first two were Sleepover at Sikowitz's and Driving Tori Crazy.
  • The drummer you see in the background when Tori is singing "Bad Boys" is the same drummer that was playing in "The Diddly Bops" when Tori and Andre sang "Song2You."
  • This is one of those few episodes where Jade actually shows some compassion for her friends, for she is worried about Cat in this episode.
  • The Chris Burm show is a pardory of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


  • After Jade squats in the first scene, she stood up, not bowlegged at all but the next day, she walks into school all bowlegged because of the squatting and then, when she and Robbie are chasing Cat, she's not bowlegged at all.
  • If Jade became temporarily bowlegged after squatting too long, it is unknown why Cat and especially, Andre didn't become bowlegged if they squatted for a really long time, too.
  • The talk show host could be sued and fired from his show if he were to harm a guest.
  • The host was launched at least 10 feet from the ground so the impact when he hit could've killed him.
  • When Rex laughs hysterically at Tori and Tori glares at him, Rex coughs and says "Tough luck." In the American captions, it says, "Sorry."
  • Beck and André would've gotten arrested for assaulting the host. However, no one else knew they had anything to do with it.
  • Dragging someone on the floor can create abrasions on their back although this may not have happened in the acting sequence.
  • Most likely, Cat, Jade, and Robbie would get it serious trouble for sneaking in the school without permission. However, no one found out.


Andre: No one here is making fun of you.

[Tori sees Sikowitz being dragged across the floor]

Running Gags

  • Tori asking Sikowitz what lyrics from the national anthem mean.
  • Holly thinking that the line "gleaming" is beaming.
  • Robbie and Jade being suspicious of Cat.
  • People saying to Tori "don't forget the lyrics".


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