Sikowitz's Grandmother
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Gray
Family & Friends
Family: Erwin Sikowitz (grandson)
Mrs. Sikowitz (daughter or daughter in-law)
Jason Sikowitz (possible great-grandson)
Series Information
First appearance: Prom Wrecker
Last appearance: Prom Wrecker

Sikowitz's Grandmother appears in the episode Prom Wrecker. In the episode, Sikowitz announces that he needed to take her to the hospital; he had been keeping her in a corner of the classroom for a while. She appears to be ill since she was groaning as Sikowitz carried her out of the room. Sikowitz says that she did not know that she was in the classroom. It is possible that she is the mother of Sikowitz's mother who is seen in The Diddly-Bops but unconfirmed. On TheSlap, it is revealed that she is gnomophobic (afraid of gnomes).

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