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TV guide of Schneider Cable

Schneider Cable (shortened as SBI Cable) is a cable company named after Dan Schneider. It is a cable company in which Tori's house is subscribed to. It is first seen on the Victorious episode, Victori-Yes where Tori and Jade find the truth about Trina's TV show, Divertisimo. It also made an appearance on Sam & Cat in the episode, #FavoriteShow where Sam and Cat are watching their favorite TV show, That's A Drag.


These are the notable channels on Schneider Cable:

  • The Dingo Channel
  • Spanish Language Channel
  • SBI Network
  • SBI News Channel
  • The DanWarp Channel
  • SBI Food
  • Channel 7 (seen on Sam and Cat)

Unseen Channels:

  • Channel 6
  • Channel 8

Notable Subscribers


This is the full guide of the company as seen in both Victorious and Sam and Cat.

on Victorious

7:30pm 8:00pm
The Dingo Channel Taffi & Toasty Movie
Spanish Language Channel Divertisimo Deportes
SBI Network Extreme Groin Injuries All That
SBI News Channel News at 7 World News
The DanWarp Channel The Schwimmer Diaries Zoey 101
SBI Food That's A Drag Hungry Girl Top 10

on Sam and Cat

7:00am 8:00am
The Dingo Channel Taffi and Toasty Movie
Spanish Language Channel Unguento Divertisimo
SBI Network All That Extreme Groin Injuries
Channel 7 Drake and Josh Star Paws
The DanWarp Channel The Schwimmer Diaries Zoey 101
SBI Food Hungry Girl Hungry Girl

Other Shows:

  • Winchester Dog Dancing Contest (Channel 8)
  • Toilet Wars (Channel 6)
  • Get Outta the Pool (Channel 6)
  • Channel 6 News (Channel 6)


  • Yellow Triangle with the letter A - Access Menu
  • Blue Square with the letter B - Find Shows
  • Red Circle with the letter C - Options


  • Resume Play
  • Restart
  • Delete Show 
  • Exit


  • In Victorious, "That's A Drag" is on SBI Food, a food and cooking channel. But in Sam and Cat, the show is on Channel 6. 
  • In Sam and Cat, "Divertisimo" is once again shown on the Spanish Language Channel. 
  • Some of Dan Schneider's creations are shown in the TV guide such as Drake & Josh, All That and Zoey 101.


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