Running Gags are jokes that come up multiple times throughout the show. Victorious has many running gags.

Running Gags in Victorious

Jade Impersonating Tori

Throughout the show, starting in Wok Star, Jade constantly imitates Tori in a Judy Garland accent and a faux sweet voice. This often follows with Tori protesting that she does not talk like that. This running gag began in the episode Wok Star and is in multiple episodes after that. In the episode Beck Falls for Tori, the rest of the gang even impersonate Tori along with Jade. There is a video on TheSlap which shows some of the many times Jade impersonates Tori.

Robbie and Andy Samberg


Matt and Andy :)

Matt Bennett looks a lot like a slimmer, younger Andy Samberg. This has often been made fun of in Victorious with someone asking Robbie if he is Andy Samberg, or pointing out that he looks like him. Robbie gets very defensive when this is brought up for reasons not fully known. An example of this is in the iCarly crossover when a boy tells Robbie to shut up by yelling "Shut up, SAMBERG!" and later when Robbie is hit by a plant someone yells "Samberg down!!".

Cat's Brother

Often, when the gang is usually talking about something, Cat will chime in with an odd story about something strange her brother did, leaving everyone else surprised and confused. The stories usually start with "One time, my brother..."

Tori's Cheekbones

Throughout the show, different people continue to mention that Tori has prominent cheekbones. In Wok Star, Mrs. Lee mentions them, In Beggin' on Your Knees, Ryder compliments Tori's cheekbones. In iParty with Victorious, Kenan mentions that her cheekbones are like perfect little sugar plums. In Ice Cream for Ke$ha, Ke$ha asks if they are real.

Beck's Hair

Beck's hair has been shown to be attractive to girls, including his ex-girlfriend Jade, who mentioned taking away his hair products so he wouldn't look good while she was away. In Freak the Freak Out, Hayley and Jade show that they like his hair. In Locked Up!, the Yerbanian girls love his hair, and the prisoners also like it and demand to know how he makes it so fluffy. In Wok Star, Mrs. Lee said his hair was like a cloud. Even Helen, the new principal in Helen Back Again, commented on it. In Driving Tori Crazy, one of the Northridge girls in Beck's car tells the other girls to smell Beck's hair. In Opposite Date Tori calls Beck a "baby with lots of hair."

Cat's Phrase

When Cat gets irritated she often says "What's that supposed to mean?", for example when André called her "Little Red" and she first didn't get it.

Jade's Jealousy


Robbie and his PearPad.

In the show and on TheSlap, Jade constantly gets on Beck's case for every sign that he might be seeing another girl. Jade was jealous when she saw that Beck wanted to kiss Tori in Tori Goes Platinum.

Robbie's PearPad

Robbie often uses a gigantic PearPad, which is very annoying to the rest of the characters. The first PearPads are seen as being dorky. The characters often groan when Robbie uses his PearPad. Because Andre broke Robbie's PearPad in Terror on Cupcake Street, it is unknown whether the PearPad will return or not.

Northridge Girls

This is often mentioned by Rex, he seems to really like the girls from Northridge. He often mentions them in a romantic way like making a parade float theme called "The ladies of Northridge" and has partied with them before. Robbie and Andre have also showed interest in the girls from Northridge. Sikowitz refers to them as an "adventure." Also, the Northridge Girls seem to really like Beck, as they came to his movie in The Blonde Squad and cheered for him over enthusiasticly.

Robbie's Feminine Nature

Throughout the show, many jokes have been made about Robbie and his less than manly status.The first instance was in Rex's Slap profile video, as he says Robbie's being a boy/man is "debatable." It officially began sometime around Wok Star and The Diddly Bops; in Wok Star Tori refers to his Bar Mitzvah as a Bah Mitzvah, which is for girls, and he later uses male make up. On The Slap during the events of The Diddly Bops, a video of Robbie singing Broken Glass mentions that he is wearing his sister's pants. In Beck Falls for Tori, Robbie accidentally wears women's jeans in a size 4. In Locked Up!, he keeps ending up stuck with the girls in some way; first he was kicked out of the guys' hotel room and he has to sleep with the girls, and later in prison he is mistaken for a woman and placed on the girls' side. In the episode Cell Block, Robbie asked Sikowitz to make sure that he was on the boy's team. In How Trina Got In, Robbie said he doesn't like to use "potty words" and most boys would not say that kind of things. Most females would say that.

Rex's All Hot Chic Volleyball Squad

In The Great Ping Pong Scam, Rex asked Tori if she wants to join Rex's All Hot Chic Volleyball Squad, and in Freak the Freak Out Rex also asked the Northridge girls if they want to join Rex's All Hot Chic Volleyball Squad.

Sikowitz's Baldness

Sikowitz's baldness is often made fun of in the episodes, such as in Crazy Ponnie when Jade shaves Cat's head and Sikowitz says he "thinks her head looks great like that," and Cat says, "Well of course you do!"

Sikowitz's Coconut Obsession

Sikowitz is often shown drinking coconut milk straight from a coconut. He also says the milk gives him visions, shown in The Bird Scene and as proven in How Trina Got In when he drinks a rotten Sri Lankan coconut.

Robbie Playing Pirates

It has been mentioned a few times that Cat does not like the way Robbie plays pirates. He offers to play pirates with her in The Gorilla Club, but Cat declines. Additionally, when Cat is upset in The Blonde Squad, Jade asks if Robbie tried to play pirates with her, as if that's what upset her. In Star Spangled Tori, Robbie tries to play pirates with Cat again, but she screams in terror, so he stops.

Sikowitz Pronouncing Words Wrong

Sikowitz often pronounces words wrong. For example, in Tori Tortures Teacher he says instead of noch he prounouces it "nooch." And, in The Gorilla Club, instead of saying "toosh" with the short "u" sound he pronounces it with the double "o" sound.

Jade Saying "Oh"

There are a couple times in season 3 when Jade simply stares at someone and says "oh" in response to something that person has just said. For example, Jade says this to Tori in Tori & Jade's Play Date and walks off, seemingly not hearing Tori imitate her afterwards.

Jade Telling Trina That Nobody Likes Her

There are a few times throughout the series that Jade tells Trina that nobody likes her. For example, Survival of the Hottest, Trina wants to come down the beach with everyone and everyone screams "No!" and Jade screams "No one likes you!" Also in Terror on Cupcake Street, Jade screams it twice.

Jade Yelling "No!"

Whenever something happens that Jade doesn't like, she loudly screams "No!". For example, in Tori & Jade's Play Date, Tori is slurping soup and Jade seems frustrated and screams "No!" at Tori. This also happens whenever Cat tries to hug Jade (André's Horrible Girl, Cat Crashes Jade's House).


"Shruggers" are the extras in Victorious that play the roles of background students at Hollywood Arts High School.  They are known for their dry reactions to events, hence the name.  Main characters refer to them as Shurggers themselves on multiple occasions.