Rona is Mamaw's friend. she only mentioned in The Birthweek Song. she has a granddaughter named Brenda Mamaw ask Rona if she can hooked up with Robbie. She agreed and convince Brenda to go to Mamaw 's house to support him with tech support. Brenda is probably a tech savvy but unlikely a tech savvy.   

General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 50 (along with Mamaw Shapiro)
Occupation(s): Works with Mamaw Shapiro (Possibly)
Aliases: Ron's (Mammaw)
Family & Friends
Family: Brenda (granddaughter)



Friends: Mamaw Shapiro (Friend)
Series Information
First appearance: The Birthweek Song (Mentioned)
Last appearance: The Birthweek Song (Mentioned)


Brenda; Victorious ep 1-4

  Brenda (2010-present)

Brenda is Rona's Granddaughter. She is shy with people around her but, not .much 


  • Rona is Mamaw's Bestfriend.
  • It is unknown if she knows Robbie.
  • Unlike what Mamaw was talking about  Brenda, she is just Robbie's aprentice.
  • It is unknown if she also know Cat.
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