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Rodreck is the tri-pairing friendship between Robbie Shapiro, André Harris, and Beck Oliver (Ro/bbie, An/dr/é, B/eck), the main—male—characters on Victorious. Rodreck can also be referred to as Bendrobbie (Be/ck, A/ndr/é, R/obbie).

For the individual pairings, see Rodré, Reck, and Bendré.

The tri-pairing's female counterpart is Catorade, the friendship between Cat Valentine, Tori Vega, and Jade West (Ca/t, Tor/i, J/ade).

Victoriou's Boys singing

Rodreck Moments


Season 1

The Bird Scene

  • All of them sit at the same table for lunch.
  • They all have a conversation about ballet.


  • André and Beck steal Robbie's clothes, which makes Robbie upset.

Freak the Freak Out

  • All of them are forced to stay at the Vega's to take care of Trina after Jade takes Beck's car keys.
  • Beck and André save Robbie from being choked.
  • They all try to untie Trina.
  • They fight over who has to massage Trina's gums.
  • They all go to Tori's house together.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Beck and Robbie try to cheer up André when he loses his record label.

The Wood

Season 2

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • Beck and André restrain Tori, so that she can't attack Robbie.
  • Beck, Andre and Robbie help search for the letters.

Locked Up!

  • André and Beck want Robbie to sleep in the bathtub.
  • Robbie is supposed to be with the boys in the hotel.
  • Robbie is mad that he can't stay with Andre and Beck whilst in prison.

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • Robbie gets upset when Tori says that Beck and André should go for help without him.

Season 3

A Christmas Tori

  • Beck, Robbie, and André all dance excitedly and stand together during the girls' performance.

The Breakfast Bunch


Dancing in The Breakfast Bunch.

  • The three boys are seen dancing in unison while standing very close to one another.
  • Beck and Robbie cheer André on as he dances.
  • Beck and André straighten Robbie's hair.
  • When Robbie asks why they are being so nice to him, Beck says, "Because you're letting us."

Car, Rain & Fire

  • André, Beck, and Robbie pretend to fight over Trina to teach her a lesson about lying and spreading rumors
    about dating people.
  • When Robbie comes in with the flowers for Trina, André says that the flowers better be for Beck.
  • André and Robbie help Beck get back at Trina.
  • Beck, Robbie, and André play with puppets after fighting.

April Fools Blank

  • The 3 sit together during Sikowitz's class.
  • They high-five and agree that April Fools is for little kids.
  • They are all in the girl's bathroom together as the Wizard of Oz trio.
  • Robbie is the scarecrow, Beck is the tin man, and Andre is the cowardly lion, the 3 who help Dorothy.
  • Beck catches Robbie and André catches Beck after Cat punches Robbie.

Season 4


Wanko's Warehouse

  • Beck and André slide Robbie down the hallways.
  • When Robbie is being held by the Triplet Twins, he calls for Beck and André to come and save him, which they do immediately.

Three Girls And A Moose

  • They all help in Tinkle Aid.
  • They all go to Karaoke Dokie and work on Tinkle Aid.

Cell Block

  • When Robbie is about to get his phone from the box, Beck and André stop him from getting his phone, and tell him that it is a trick from the girls, so they would win the bet.
  • Tumblr me267k3qrR1r0ih23o1 500
    The boys win the bet with the help of Sikowitz.

Brain Squeezers

  • The three are on the same team.

Episodes with a Rodreck Plot/Subplot

  • Freak the Freak Out: They are all forced to stay at Tori's house to take care of Trina.
  • Car, Rain & Fire: They teach Trina a lesson about lying about dating guys by pretending to fight over her.
  • Three Girls And A Moose: They all have a show at Karaoke Dokie, supporting Tinkle-Aid.
  • Cell Block: They compete against Tori, Cat, and Jade to see which team can go the longest without using any kind of technology.


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