Mr. West
Jade's Dad

First Seen

Wok Star

Last Seen

Wok Star


Wife (unknown name)
Ms. West (Ex-Wife)
Jade West (Daughter)
Jade's Brother (Son)

Portrayed by

Roy Werner

Mr. West is the father of Jade West. Although he is not in a relationship with her mother, he does have a wife. He appeared in Wok Star, as a person in the audience of Jade's play production, Well Wishes. He has also been mentioned a few more time on TheSlap by Jade. He was portrayed by Roy Werner.

Wok Star

Attempting to make her dad see that she has talent, her dreams are actually worth something, Jade invites him to come see her play. When Tori first sees him come into the theater, she describes him as "cold and judgmental." According to Jade, he despises her, as well as disapproving of all her piercings and tattoos. He is said to think that creative activities (e.g. Acting, Play writing, Directing, Singing,) and people who perform them are stupid. At the end of Wok Star, he tells Jade that he thought her play was excellent, surprising Jade and Tori. He asks Jade again if she would take her piercings out, to which she responds, "No," dismissing their conversation.

The Breakfast Bunch

When Tori shows the gang her "special talent" Jade asks if her daddy taught her that, and then get really upset that her daddy can't do anything with his feet. Probably underlining that Mr. West didn't spend much time with Jade, teaching her stuff about life.

Jade with Tots 2

Jade mentioned her father in her video Jade with Tots 2. She said to the kid she was interviewing:

"My daddy hates everything I stand for. He just wants to hang out with his new wife and her yappy little dog. And he's never kept one promise, ever."

Later, she talked about how her dad only made her breakfast once in her whole life, and she ended up throwing up after eating it. She seemed sad the whole time she was talking about her father.

This means that he divorced her mother and got a new wife.

Other Mentions

  • In The Wood Jade mentioned that her dad's boss owns a junk yard.
  • In her second What I Hate video, Jade said she hates when people say "Have a nice day." She says "How do you know that my dad didn't get fired? Again?" This implies that her dad gets fired a lot.
  • Jade mentioned on the Trending Now! blog that one Thanksgiving she locked one of her cousins in the basement, and her father called the police on her.

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