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Tori (Police officer who is obsessed with raisin bran), Andre (Pregnant person who ran a 26 mile run), Beck (Boy with british accent who goes in peoples spaces), Cat (annoying comedian), Jade (nice, innocent farm girl from Alabama), Robbie (man who has leg spazzams who talks loudly)

Method Acting is the practice of acting, and not breaking character, no matter what happens around you. It is taught by Sikowitz in Sleepover at Sikowitz's. He said the gang's method acting was bad, so he invited Tori, André, Beck, Jade, Cat, and Robbie to his house for a challenge to act as a certain character and not break character by morning. When they break character, they are "banished" from his household. Apparently, all of them (except Beck) go to the Vega's house when they get banished. Robbie is the first to get banished when Sikowitz saw a fly and broke his window. Robbie tried to help him and Sikowitz asked who was that and Robbie said his name, then got banished. Cat broke character when she said she wanted to go to the Moxie with Sikowitz's nephew. André broke character when his grandmothercameover and got weirded out by his character and whispered briefly his explanation. Unfortunately, Sikowitz heard it and banished André. Jade got burnt by a hot plate and had a nervous breakdown, then left the household. She didn't break character in the house, but she did when she smashed a car window. In the morning, Beck asks what the time is in his normal voice, thus breaking character and proclaiming Tori the winner of the challenge.

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