Match Play


April Fools Blank

Created By

Dan Schneider

Based On

Match Game

Match Play is a game show parady or spoof of a mid-1970's game show, Match Game. Its only appearance is in the Victorious episode April Fools Blank.


  • The host will give the contender a phrase.
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  • The player will then fill in the missing word to the phrase.
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  • If the word matches one of those of the panelists the player can win $5,000.00
  • For every panelist whose word does not match up to that of the player, the player will be attacked by The Dancing Lobster until the player falls over.

April Fools Blank

  • Tori was the player, Sikowitz was the host, and Andre, Jade, Robbie, Cat, Beck, and Trina were the
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  • Sikowitz gave Tori the phrase "Dumb Debbie was so dumb she didn't realize April first was April Fools Blank"
  • Tori answered the obvious answer "Day" but because of the odd nature of the episode the answers she got were:
    • Andre: "Lobster"
    • Jade "Berry"
    • Robbie: "Foot"
    • Cat: "Blank"
    • Beck: "Onion Rings"
    • Trina: "Cut to the Next Scene"
  • Trina's card brought them to the next scene and Tori lost her chance of winning the $5,000.
  • Every time Tori's answer failed to match the panelists she got attacked by the lobster with two exceptions:

Similarities with Match Game

  • Six panelists

    Dumb Debbie was so dumb she didn't realize April First was April Fools BLANK.

  • Player has to fill in the blank
  • Answer must match one of the panelists
  • 70's themed
  • Dumb Debbie is similar to Dumb Dora from Match Game

Differences with Match Game

  • Six celebrity panelists in original while in Match Play it was just Tori's friends.
  • In Match Play there was a Lobster that attacked the player.
  • Two contestents in Match Game while in Match Play there is only one
  • In Match Game each player had two chances to match as many of the six "celebrities" as possible while in Victorious it seems Tori only had to match one of the panelists.


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