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Jade Presents... What I Hate

This is a List of things Jade Hates according to her What I Hate segments other TheSlap segments/statuses, the series, and the Victorious twitter.

  • Making video captions
  • When people say "supposably" rather than "supposedly" and "fustrated" rather than "frustrated"
  • When dogs jump up on her and the owner says "Oh, it's OK! He's friendly!"
  • People who put ketchup on hot dogs
  • When the waiter at a restaurant brings dessert without first cleaning the dirty dinner dishes
  • When people complain about her chewing ice loudly ("If that bothers you, then good!")
  • When people say "Have a nice day!"
  • What fish smells like on a hot summer day
  • Making TheSlap videos
  • When boys ask her "Can I kiss you?"
  • The word 'moist'
  • The word 'tissue'
  • When someone says "moist tissue" together
  • Happiness
  • The number 9; she thinks it sounds whiny
  • The noise made when the tongue smacks the roof of the mouth
  • Movies where a group of kids work together to overcome evil and save the world
  • Bras that hook in the front
  • When she is at a restaurant and the shrimps have tails
  • Picking off shrimp tails
  • Video captions that ruin what the video is all about (Ironically enough, this is found in a video caption.)
  • Birthday parties or birthdays
  • That Santa won't go to a gym to lose weight
  • That she is mean to Santa Claus
  • People who blow their nose then look in the tissue
  • A random guy and his feelings
  • When she goes to a restaurant and orders lobster and the server tries to get her to wear a bib
  • The Lobster Council
  • Bibs
  • Twins (and people that copy other people)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Guys who bite their lower lip while they dance
  • Green Soup
  • Sinus Infections- except for when Tori had one
  • Girls who have irritating laughs
  • When you fall off a ladder then land on a small dog, and the dog pukes on you
  • Milk
  • Flowers
  • Lullabies ("Why sing to a baby when they're trying to sleep?")
  • Babies
  • October
  • Most people
  • Pink (the color)
  • The Sun
  • Allergies
  • Stupid girls who go to the beach with tiny bikinis
  • When people stick the same knife they used for the jelly in the peanut butter jar.
  • People who dress their dogs in Halloween costumes
  • People who dress their dogs every day
  • Christmas
  • People who sing Christmas carols before December
  • People who say "I'll pencil you in"
  • Compliments (In Beck's Blog)
  • People who have more than two bumper stickers on their car
  • The word "ween"
  • The word "tween"
  • When kids go trick-or-treating and aren't even dressed in real costumes
  • Her neighbor who hands out packets of floss instead of candy
  • Dunking for apples
  • When she orders miso soup, then the waiter asks if she wants soup with it.
  • The Black Friday, because it's just a holiday where everyone goes shopping
  • Loud talkers
  • Being predictable
  • Being ignored
  • Mustard
  • Sweating
  • People who use the word “staycation”
  • Girls who talk in the bathroom
  • Thursdays
  • People who pronounce pecan as PEE CAN
  • Valentine's Day (Except for Beck)
  • Sinjin (or any other student who gets in her way)
  • Talk shows
  • Tourists
  • Bananas (Mentioned in her Video Profile)
  • Canadians (except Beck and apparently Moose)
  • Ice Cream
  • Holidays that don't even get you a day off from school
  • When someone acknowledges Christmas before December (Mentioned by Beck)
  • When moms dress up like their little girls, and little girls dress up like their dolls
  • Tuna fish
  • Giggling
  • The word "panties"
  • Ducks
  • Cramps
  • String cheese
  • Clocks
  • Wet doorknobs
  • The color yellow
  • Carpeting
  • Dogs
  • Obnoxious hair colors
  • Girls who wear jeans and skirts simultaneously
  • Cilantro
  • Rainbows
  • People who use the word "spooky"
  • When people automatically assume she loves Halloween
  • When Cat baby-talks
  • Stuffed animals
  • When people talk into your ear and you can feel their warm breath.
  • Seeds (especially in watermelons)
  • Tweeting things she hates.
  • When she thinks of something that she hates but forgets what it is when it's time to write it down.
  • Being soaking wet in her clothes
  • When people sit in her chair
  • DJs
  • Sinjin Van Cleef
  • Trina Vega
  • Hayley Ferguson
  • Tara Ganz
  • That Hayley and Tara cheated her and Cat out of their win in Freak the Freak Out
  • Parades
  • Not being able to fit everything she hates into one status
  • Signs
  • Everyone who jumped on the vampire bandwagon four years ago
  • Everyone trying to get on her zombie bandwagon
  • That no one goes outside to see hailstorms like they do rainbows
  • People at the coffeeshop who hog the fixings bar
  • People at award shows who act all surprised when they win
  • Talking to a camera
  • When you go to a restaurant and what you're wearing matches the waitress' uniform
  • People who sit on the beach for hours to wait for the sunrise
  • Wire hangers
  • Walking
  • Being stuck in Traffic
  • Raisins
  • The Middle aAges
  • Middle schoolers
  • Middleton, Wisconsin.
  • When people say "everything happens for a reason".

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