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This is a list of facts found on TheSlap:


  • In Australia, it's illegal to wear a skirt while visiting a farm.
  • In some foreign countries, earwax is considered a delicacy, often eaten on crackers.
  • Every year in America, over 46,000 people are arrested for eating illegal meat.
  • There are no cows on the island of Kernivia, so residents drink dog milk.
  • The name Jennifer comes from the Latin word "jenifia" which means unfortunate female.
  • The ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste, pyramids, and spandex.
  • The game soccer was invented in Canada and was originally called ball kicking.
  • The world's largest pizza was over 2,000 miles wide, eaten by 4th graders from New Jersey.
  • In Wisconsin, it is illegal for women to wear swimsuits while wearing high heels.
  • When ketchup was first invented, it got its red color from chicken blood.
  • According to scientific research, the human brain, if eaten, tastes like tuna fish.
  • Before shampoo was invented, people washed their hair with sheep fat.
  • The term dribbling comes from the Latin word "dreeblae," which means ball bouncing.
  • The average mouth contains millions of micro-bacteria called "tongue walkers."
  • If a horse smells watermelon, he will giggle uncontrollably.
  • In some parts of England, it's considered rude to give a woman soup.
  • Some whale eggs are larger than beach balls.
  • In the Portuguese language, the word for "foot" also means "bloody monkeys."
  • The farthest star from planet Earth, visible to the human eye, is named "Ronnie."
  • If a mouse eats cheese upside down, it will explode.
  • Until the late 1930's, Halloween was referred to as "The Ween Festival."
  • In the early 1700's, dark-haired women often used pork fat as hair conditioner.
  • Voting for iCarly for the KCAs makes your friends like you more.
  • Two things WILL DEFINITELY happen this June: iParty with Victorious will premiere on Nick… and Robbie will be rejected by a female.
  • Studies show that people who are left-handed are more likely to be abducted by aliens.
  • The odds of Sinjin surviving the fall into the jacuzzi were 700 to 1. Sinjin's always been a very lucky boy.
  • When given the choice between watching iParty with Victorious or eating belly button lint, everyone says they'd rather watch the show -- except Sinjin.
  • June is officially iParty with Victorious Month! It's also Foot Sores Awareness Month, but that doesn't sound as cool.
  • In 1965 it became legal for chickens to wed in the state of North Dakota. Ducks are still prohibited from marrying in all 50 states.
  • The brassiere (aka "bra") was invented by Benjamin Franklin, originally as a device for women to carry extra peanuts.
  • In certain parts of Italy, it is illegal for dogs to walk in public without wearing underwear.
  • When peanut butter was first invented, it was used as a lubricant for special machines in Mexico.
  • In Russia, they celebrate their Independence Day by safely dropping Pug Monkeys (with parachutes) from helicopters.
  • Until 1856, the English alphabet only had 25 letters. The letter K was added in January of that year by Kris Kristofferson.
  • There is only ONE dinosaur still alive today. His name is Fred. He lives in Hoboken, NJ and his favorite food is gnocchi.
  • The city of Portland allows you to keep up to 5 llamas in your apartment at any given time, provided you pay a $500 dollar a year "Llama Tax."
  • The color purple didn't exist until 1923, when it was accidentally invented by Ukrainian scientists.
  • A standard size pumpkin,when properly connected with ordinary electrical cables,can power a widescreen television for 56 hours.
  • According to leading style experts, the big fashion trend of 2012 will be unibrows. You better start growing yours out now!
  • 99% of turkeys polled say Thanksgiving is their least favorite holiday. The other 1% chose Valentine's Day, but that's cuz they can't get girlfriends.
  • A mall Santa in Stanker, Wyoming holds the record for most sits upon his knee in a single day. He now has arthritis.
  • In Finland, Christmas caroling without a license is a crime on par with arson and burglary. However, Christmas yodeling without a license is permitted AND encouraged.
  • Although normally very friendly, a penguin WILL attack if you make fun of the way it walks. So we suggest not doing that.
  • The world's first chewing gum was beef flavored.
  • The world's largest toilet is in Spokane, Washington and can sit 37 people at the same time!
  • Studies show that putting sea salt between your toes at night increases your memory and eyesight. We don't remember where we saw this fact.
  • In New Zealand, back zits are considered good luck and students will often sleep on bacon grease the night before exams.
  • The oldest woman in the world can still bench press 200 pounds. However, she has a hard time peeing without help.
  • The official language of China is Norwegian, but the Chinese people choose not to speak it.
  • Strangely enough, the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" was first told in 400 B.C. before the invention of either roads or chickens.
  • In ancient times, if someone sneezed, you were legally allowed to slap them.
  • In 1987, twenty-two house plants were convicted of felonies in Chicago alone.
  • People who are afraid of warm bread have what they call "Tepidus-panem-phobia." Offering them a toasted bagel will make them explode. Literally.
  • By practicing daily for 36 years, Albert Einstein was able, with great concentration, to move small objects across the room with his mind.
  • Stepping on a crack WILL NOT break your mother's back. But it will give her adult acne. Be careful where you walk.
  • In some parts of Netherlands, dentists make necklaces out of the teeth they've pulled. Each night they brush and floss their necklaces before bed.
  • The side effects of drinking rotten Sri Lankan coconuts are: strange visions, itchy toes, and a strong desire to bite furniture. We recommend NOT drinking it.
  • In Nebraska, cows are allowed to vote. Politicians spend millions each year trying to win over the bovine community.
  • If given the choice, many flesh-eating fish actually choose to eat salad. But sometimes flesh is all they can get.
  • Did you know that placing a slice of Swiss Cheese on your forehead can often help cure hiccups?
  • If a horse and a sea lion had a baby, they would create a new species: Miniature Unicorns. Unfortunately, horses don't hang around marinas, so this will probably never happen.
  • Tori's song "Make It Shine" was recently chosen as the official state song of Delaware.
  • Besides St. Patrick's Day, the only other time to may be able to see a leprechaun is on June 21. That's the day they hold their annual convention in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • John Adams's birthday is on the 4th of July. But since the other founding fathers didn't like him, they made that day a holiday so they'd have an excuse not to go to his birthday party.
  • Submarines were originally invented to search the ocean for mermaids. But all they've been able to find is 2 mermen. It's been a disappointment.
  • There are more germs in your mouth than in a dog's ear. So, to keep your dog healthy, please refrain from licking its ears.
  • There are actually NO deadly creatures in Australia. That's just a myth spread by koalas because they hate tourists.
  • Peter Schnupp, AKA, the "Loneliest Man in the World," holds the records for smallest surprise birthday party attendance, least used telephone, and cleanest guest room.
  • When a head lice is banished from the lice community, he's forced to live alone on a bald guy.
  • In Latin America, it's considered wrong to dress a turtle in a turtleneck. However, it IS completely normal to put a peacock in a peacoat.
  • Recycled paper is made from baby teeth collected by the tooth fairy. This makes the tooth fairy a very rich woman.
  • In Macedonia, they used to use hugs as money. A pizza typically cost three hugs. But adding pepperoni and sausage would cost you an additional hug.
  • Speed texting will be added to the winter games in 2014. Cat is already training.
  • Much like a chameleon, a polar bear can change its fur to blend in to its environment. If placed in a rainforest, it would suddenly turn green.
  • Before 1978, chickens weren't allowed to use elevators. They had to take the stairs.
  • You CAN make cheese from rat's milk. It's considered a delicacy in parts of southern France.
  • In Montana, brides used to have to carry a 600lb. chunk of gold to the top of the altar in order for their groom to accept them as his wife.
  • Before paper, people used to write books on cows. They were really hard to read in bed.
  • Relatively few cats remain in Denmark since the government made purring and scratching illegal.
  • Urinals were originally created to be giant soup dispensers. Then one day someone accidentally used it for something else and its purpose was forever changed.
  • Studies show that 98% of dogs don't floss after every meal… even though they tell their doggie dentists that they do.
  • Cockroaches are usually really depressed because people always scream when they see them. They spend a small fortune on roach therapy each year.
  • Originally, candy corn was made from pulled teeth obtained from a dentist office. It was then dipped in sugar and food coloring.
  • In the state of Massachusetts, you can be fined $1000 for putting up Christmas lights before November 1st. They hate prematurely jolly folk.
  • President John Quincy Adams created the game of basketball. Though at the time, he called it "Gentleman's Ball Tossing Activity."
  • The very first baseballs were made out of raw potatoes. If you were sitting in the stands and caught a home run, you were allowed to take it home and eat it.
  • Burf's full name is actually Burftholomew but he goes by Burf cuz it's easier to spell.
  • Keeping several extra-large marshmallows under your pillow is 97% effective at preventing nightmares. Weird... but true!
  • According to meteorologists, clouds taste like a mixture of vanilla beans, salt, and oyster sauce.
  • Travel Tip: In Sweden, most restaurants will give you a free meal if you agree to floss your waiter's teeth for him afterwards.
  • The other reindeer won't let Rudolph join in their weekly game of blackjack. Not because they don't like him, but because he cheats.
  • In colonial times, skinny jeans were worn as a form of punishment. When given the choice, most people chose to have an unnecessary route canal instead.
  • The world's largest nose hair belongs to a man from Argentina. It measure 4 feet long and tickles his knees when he walks.
  • Most spaghetti sauces made in Italy include the sweat of at least one grandmother. Depending on the grandmother, the sauce is either very sweet or very salty.
  • Before paper and scissors were invented, ancient Mayans used to play: Rock-Leaf-Punch in the Gut.

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