Lichter's Ice Cream is the ice cream company that held the Private Concert contest by Ke$ha in Ice Cream for Ke$ha. It appears to be a popular ice cream brand and is only mentioned in that episode.

Known Flavors

  • Funky Nut Blast (Least Popular Flavor)
  • Beach Bunny Blitz
  • Blueberry Pecan
  • Creamy Cowboy Crunch


  • It is possible that this is a parody of the ice cream brands Ben & Jerry's, Edy's.
  • Lichter's seems to have similar flavors to Ben and Jerry's.
  • The least popular flavor of Lichter's is Funky Nut Blast, however, Cat's brother loves Funky Nut Blast, possibly because he is "different."
  • Ice Cream for Ke$ha is the first and only appearance of the brand.
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