General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Nozu Employee
Security Guard
Series Information
First appearance: How Trina Got In
Last appearance: The Hambone King

Kwakoo is one of the workers at the Japanese restaurant, Nozu. His first appearance was How Trina Got In . He, Robbie, and Tori had to chop some squid because Robbie and Tori couldn't pay the bill. When Robbie accidentally breaks a pile of dishes, he had to massage Kwakoo's feet. He appeared again in The Hambone King when he asked Robbie for his autograph.


  • According to the squid-chopping song, Kwakoo thinks he disappoints his father.
  • He has a mole shaped like Texas on his arm.
  • It is confirmed on TheSlap that he is not Japanese, and Trina wonders if he may be a "sushi imposter."
  • He has his own game on TheSlap called "Kwakoo's Sushi Tower."


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