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General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: André Harris (cousin)
Series Information
First appearance: A Film by Dale Squires
Last appearance: A Film by Dale Squires

Kendra Harris is André's cousin. She was only seen in A Film by Dale Squires when André hired her to get back at Dale Squires for all the credit that he stole for the short film Tori directed. She appears to be very strong because when she was beating Dale Squires up, she slapped all the security guards that were trying to stop her.

In one of André's TheSlap posts, it was revealed she had been offered her own talk show after the incident. According to Robbie, you had better not mess with Kendra.


  • She seems unusually strong, as she was able to stop the security guards with ease.
  • It is implied that Kendra feels disdain towards people who eat salad. This could be because she is jealous of people with a skinny physique (indicated when she insulted Tori).
  • Robbie posted a picture of her up on TheSlap that said "You don't want to mess with André's cousin, Kendra. Last year, I accidentally stepped on her toe and she threw me out a window."
  • There is a 50% chance she is related to Andre's Grandmother.


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