This is from Nickelodeon's website.

How to be Jade:


1. Wig Out

Jade's got some pretty unique strands. And if you're not planning on dying your hair permanently black and blue (ahh!), then we've got the perfect solution. All you need to do is throw on a black wig, snap in some turquoise clip-on extensions, and you're ready to rock Jade's villainous 'do.


2. A Beautiful BF

Okay, don't worry. This sitch isn't permanent. But to be Jade, you do need a gorgeous (and beautifully-haired) BF to be at your Beck and call. So grab a boy with some lovely locks and make sure you've got him on your arm all night. Oh, and feel free to act very overprotective of him.


3. Black-Out Your Wardrobe

Jades favorite colors? Let's, grey, charcoal, even darker black, onyx, and maybe ebony with a teeny touch of royal blue. When it comes to Ms. West, the new black is, well...more black! So head into your closet and grab all the shadowy garb you own. 'Cause you're gonna be sporting all things midnight this Halloween.

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