An ending tagline is any quote, music, or other sounds played at the end of a show's credits. If quotes are used, they are likely from earlier in the episode. It is usually played over the production company's title card. Generally, when a sitcom uses ending taglines, they are taken out of the context that they were heard in to add to the humor. Here is a list of the Victorious ending taglines, to date:

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Quote Count:

Tori: 12

Andre: 6

Robbie: 6

Cat : 8

Jade : 3

Rex : 3

Trina : 5

Sinjin : 2

Sikowitz : 2


  • Beck is the only main character who has never had a quote used for an ending tagline.
  • Lane is the only recurring character not to have said a tagline, as Sinjin and Sikowitz have.
  • Robbie said the first ending tagline of the series, while Andre said the last.
  • The Gorilla Club is the only episode to not have an ending tagline.
  • Tori Gets Stuck is the only episode to feature a tagline with two participants; Tori and the hospital nurse.
  • Three episodes feature quotes spoken by minor characters: Wok Star (Mrs. Lee), Driving Tori Crazy (Andre's grandmother), and Crazy Ponnie (Ponnie herself).