"If you don't like it, why don't you drive yourself!"
Charlotte Harris to Tori.

Driving Tori Crazy
Season 3, Episode 9
First Aired April 14th, 2012
Production Code 308
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Matt Fleckenstein
Director(s) Russ Reinsel
Viewed By: 3.237[1]
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Driving Tori Crazy is the 9th episode of season three of Victorious and the 42nd episode overall. It aired on April 14th, 2012 at 8/7 central.[2]


A movie shoot causes a traffic jam that interferes with Tori's morning commute, and she is forced to take the long ride to school. Tori rides with Trina as usual, but the drive is made unbearable when Trina forces her to shave her legs and armpits and turns the heat up to 120 degrees so she can do her special yoga. Because of this, Beck offers to drive Tori the next day. However, the drive with Beck, who drives a 1967 Pontiac GTO, also annoys Tori because his car is crowded with four Northridge Girls who flirt with him constantly and annoy Tori. The third drive is with André, who drives what appears to be a 21st Century Dodge Charger. Unfortunately, Charlotte Harris hides in the back and spoils the ride for her with her usual antics, this time pouring oatmeal all over Tori's hands. The fourth ride is with Robbie, who drives a pedal car that moves slower than a tricycle and an elderly. Cat offers her a ride with her and her brother but mentions that he yells at trees and buses. Tori is desperate enough to accept Jade's offer of a ride. She drives her out to the desert and has a shovel in the back of the car. When Jade starts singing a disturbing song, Tori is pushed over the edge and jumps out of the car, deciding to walk to school from there.

Jade says to the shovel, "Next time", implying that she may have wanted to bury Tori. The sixth and final ride is provided by Cat, who gets a discounted party bus ride worth $20 courtesy of her "Tap It" app, specifically a 2002-2007 Ford F-550. Tori pleads with Cat not to tell anybody about the ride, but she does so anyhow pretending Tori said nothing to her. Once on the bus, Tori and her friends realize the driver of this bus is Dr. Rhapsody, a has-been rap star of the 1990's. Rhapsody offers to play his one-hit wonder Five Fingaz to the Face, specifically the karaoke version, and all the seven teens plus Rex spend the rest of the ride singing, dancing, and enjoying the rest of the ride to school.


Pearphone XT

Cat's PearPhone on the "Tap It" app, which shows the Party Bus ad.

Cat becomes obsessed with a new app called "Tap It" which provides coupons. She buys C Batteries and Bags o' Rags and passes them out to the other kids at school. Robbie helps her sell her C batteries and in the end, Cat ends up getting Tori and the gang a ride to school when she finds a coupon for 90% off a party bus ride (it cost $20 instead of $200).


IMG 2660
IMG 2814

Tori's goof Black PearPhone XT.

  • Holly Vega was mentioned in Car, Rain, and Fire and appeared in this episode.
  • This is the second time Tori was trapped in an overly hot vehicle, first was Survival of the Hottest.
  • This is the second time when Holly told Tori to put her arms up. First was in Robarazzi.
  • The name of the episode could be a parody of the movie Driving Miss Daisy.
  • This is the second time Tori has been called a grunch, the first time was Tori Tortures Teacher.


IMG 2603

Trina and her PearPad 2.


Tori's normal Blue PearPhone XT, with The Slap Mobile App.

  • Being in a car in 120 degrees heat could lead to dehydration, fainting and other problems. Though that would explain Tori's state.
  • It would be impossible for Trina to have both her legs up while driving, because you would have to have one foot on the gas pedal in order to accelarate and you could risk accidents. Though she could've had cruise control.
  • It is true that you cannot drive through a movie set. However, you can walk through a movie set as long as it's not in front of the camera. It is unknown why Tori couldn't just walk to school.
  • In the first scene, you can see the screen on Trina's PearPad 2 move if you look closely.
  • After Tori updates her status on The Slap page before she gets a ride with Jade (in the view on the photo to the right), you can hear 3 extra screen click's even though there is nothing happening on the screen.
  • Tori said there is no signal driving through the desert. However, on The Slap, Robbie posted a status update that Jade is driving him to school and he wrote the status on The Slap. However he could have posted that before he lost signal.
  • In the scene with Cat, André, Beck, and Robbie, if you listen closely you can hear Robbie opening his soda can. However, when Robbie starts talking you can see the lid of the soda can closed.
  • When singing Five Fingaz to the Face, when it comes to the chorus you see Cat stand up and sing her part but then it cuts to Dr. Rhapsody and you see her stand up again in the background.
  • Also in Five Fingaz to the Face, Cat is seen sitting down, in the next scene she is standing, then she is sitting again, instantly.
  • Tori posted the video of the gang singing Five Fingaz onto the Dr Rhapsody didn't film it, he was driving, & the gang didn't film it. Who filmed the video that Tori posted, as it is canon?
  • In Jade's car you can clearly see that Tori has a black PearPhone XT but the next status update she has her regular blue PearPhone XT.

Running Gags

  • Cat with her new "Tap It" app.
  • People saying that Tori should get her driver's license "like a normal teenage girl."
  • Tori getting rides to school in various vehicles.
  • Mrs. Vega making breakfast for herself and not for Tori and Trina.


Tori: There's no more eggs!
Mrs. Vega: Oh right!
Tori: I can't make an omelet without eggs.
Mrs. Vega: Yeah, I can't argue with that.
Tori: I guess I'll just suck on this tomato skin.
Mrs. Vega: I already did.

Tumblr m2fo9moRV51rogvm5o2 250

Charlotte Harris: Girl?!?! Will you hold my oatmeal for me?
Tori: Sure.
Charlotte Harris: Put your hands out. (Pours oatmeal in Tori's hands)
Tori: Why did you do that?!
Charlotte Harris: You said you'd hold my oatmeal!

Tori: So, your grandma drives to school with you every day?
Charlotte Harris: If you don't like it, why don't you drive yourself?!
Tori: I don't have my drivers license.
Charlotte Harris: (laughs hysterically)

Cat: Robbie come help me pass out these C batteries!
Robbie: Will I get a hug?
Cat: Maybe.
Robbie: I'll take that chance!

(After Beck and André make fun of her not having a driving license)

Tori: Hey, do you like hair sweat? 

André & Beck: What?
Tori: (Shakes hair in their faces)
André & Beck: Ohhh!

Tori: I thought you only like driving in the night?
Jade: Well, I prefer driving at night but you know, anything for a friend.

Jade: Hey, you should get back in the car!
Tori: I'll walk from here.
Jade: (to herself) Suit yourself...(Looks at shovel) Next time.

André: Oh my God!
Beck: Did you swim to school?
Tori: No, this is sweat. (wrings hair out)
André & Beck: Ugghhh!

Robbie: Hey little girls, you can't drive those on the street!
Little Girl: Wazz off!
Robbie: (looks at Tori) Just- just keep pedaling.

Tori: Why didn't you just hand me the mug?
Charlotte Harris: I'm not lettin' you touch my mug!

Tori: We just get passed by an elderly!
Robbie: Well, you're not pedaling hard enough!

Beck: (After the girls start fighting) Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? Ridiculous. Highly ridiculous. Really? Look at the pretty tree! No one wants to look at the pretty tree? Okay.


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Five Fingaz To the Face: Originally By Dr. Rhapsody, Cover: Victorious Cast.

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