Dale's Film is a movie produced by Dale Squires seen in the episode A Film by Dale Squires.


The plot of the film is largely unknown, save for the ending, which goes as follows:

Monica dies after kissing Jake. Olivia finds Monica dead later, trying to revive her because her death would "ruin everything". In questioning, Jake denies having killed Monica, claiming that he loved her. In the end, Olivia is seen with a bloody knife. She wipes the blood off and puts the knife inside a drawer on a photo of Monica, implying that she avenged her death. A car is seen driving away, presumably with Olivia driving.


Cat Valentine as Monica
Jade West as Olivia/The Lady Killer
Beck Oliver as Jake

People Credited on the Mack Murphy Show (In Order)

Strangely, Cat Valentine, who played one of the main characters, was not credited.

Photo Gallery

  • Monica (Cat) laying dead on the ground
  • Jake (Beck) while being interrogated
  • Olivia (Jade) wiping the blood of her knive
  • Olivia's knife on Monica's photo.
  • The beginning of the end credit's
  • Monica and Jake's (Cat and Beck's) play kiss. Right before Monica's death

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