Catch Me, Kiss Me is a movie seen in Beck Falls for Tori.

Don't they look pretty in their matching dresses?


The lead character takes a sip of coffee, reads a note, and then falls through the railing. Something in the note must be very shocking. It is most likely about love, according to the title. Also based on the title it is possible the writer of the note catches and kisses her.


This is the part of script that Tori said when she was auditioning:

  • Tori's character: Go do it!
  • The other girl: No!
  • Tori's character: Tell him you love him before you lose him!
  • The other girl: But I'm afraid to tell him!
  • Tori's character: Look, it's been a really really long time since I've seen you be happy. But ever since you and Keith...

The rest of this scene isn't shown, because Cat interrupts at that point.


  • Someone as Keith.
  • Spunky best friend of lead character as unknown character.
  • Patrice as the main character.
  • Tori Vega as a stunt double.
  • Beck Oliver as a 'stunt double'. He pretended to be Tori and did her stunt for her.


  • Tori originally auditioned for the movie to play the best friend of the lead, but she looked too much like the lead character so she was cast as a stunt double.
  • Beck did the stunt for Tori because she was too scared to do the stunt.
  • Tori later goes back to the studio to do the stunt even though the scene was already filmed, but she is actually pushed off by Jade.

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