Cat Pun Fun is Cat's blog. She makes silly pun about her name and posts up funny pictures.

Cat Pun Fun #1:

What's Up Slapeeps (That's Slap + Peeps)!!!

People always make fun of my name, Cat. Y'know like, "Did you take a nap, Cat? Get it!!?! Cat Nap!" or "Hey Cat, do you want some milk?" (Okay, it was actually the lunch lady who said that to me, so maybe she was asking for real.) Anyway, since everyone is always making fun of my name, I thought I should make fun of it too!!! So here's the first in a series of picture blogs I'm calling "Cat Pun Fun."

It's raining Cats and Dogs

Cat Pun Fun #2:

Okay, so y'now how like a long time ago I wrote a blog called Cat Pun Fun #1 and then promised I'd make a bunch more Cat Pun Fun blogs?!?

Well.... I totally forgot! Then at lunch today, two girls got in a fight at the Asphalt Cafe and everyone started yelling "Cat Fight!" Then I was like, "Hey, my name is Cat. What if I was fighting myself? It would be the ultimate CAT fight! I should totally blog about that! So here it is... Cat's Pun Fun #2!


Wow! I look tough. Better not mess with me! hee hee!

Cat Pun Fun #3:

Hi It's me Cat!

Oh that reminds me... so y'know how people are always making fun of my name, Cat? Like if I'm zoned out in class someone will say I've gone CAT-atonic... or if I say I'm going on a vacation they ask if I'm going to CAT-mandu. (Which I totally don't get, but I still laugh because it sounds funny). Well, the other day I did a performance piece and the teacher said it was a total CATASTROPHE. But what I heard was "CAT AS TROPHY"! And then I started thinking "What if I was actually a trophy?"

Well here's what I think I would look like:

I would like to thank the a-CAT-emy for this wonderful award!!! LOL

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