Cupcake Parade Float
Cupcake float hehehe
Size H: 4.5m W: 2.8m L: 2.8m
Episodes E.11 S.2 Terror On Cupcake Street

Cat's Cupcake Parade Float is the float which the victorious gang must take to the Float Parade in the episode Terror On Cupcake Street. When Sikowits announced there would be a Float Parade that he would like the kids to construct a float for, Jade immediately runs out of the room, and the rest of the gang doesn't want to do it either. Then Sikowitz tells them that it will be on national TV. They decide to participate and gather at Tori's house to come up with ideas. Through an app on Robbie's PearPad, Cat is randomly chosen to pick the theme for the float. Cat's initial idea was to make a cupcake float. Cat also makes everyone wear Candy Jammies when inside the float and when going to the Float Parade.


The Cupcake Parade float mesaures approximately 4.5 meters in Height, and approximately 2.8 meters in Width and Length. It is shaped like a huge flat-topped cupcake with pink icing on the top and covered in rainbow sprinkles. It has four small colourful windows on the top and two small headlights on the front of the float. The bottom part of the float is green and is based on a grey chassis with four small wheel for the float to be drivable.

Ariana grande victorious terror on cupcake street caps fXR5ekx.sized

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