Cat's Broadway Song
By: Michael Corcoran
Sung by: Cat Valentine
Episode: Helen Back Again

Cat's Broadway Song, is a short song that was written by Michael Corcoran for season two of Victorious. In the shows universe the song is said to be from Cat's favorite Broadway musical.


Bright smile that always glows
Pearly whites with a button nose.
And I knows, everyone is gonna love me now.
A life on a studio's a nail on the head

It's better than fixing a roof but instead,
It's probably packed, and they're probably singing along.
Oh, what a girl. What is she singing? This is my song.
I'm the biggest bang with the mostest zing.

If you're the hand I'm the diamond ring.
By the way, I'm here for the song and the dance.
So give me one, give me one,
I've already won,
I need just one chance.

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