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"''"Cutest little creature you ever saw. Used to sit on my lap - hop around the apartment! Such a silly little...!""
— Erwin Sikowitz commenting on Catherine's pet cat Bunny in Tori Tortures Teacher

Bunny is a three-legged cat who belongs to Sikowitz's ex-girlfriend, Catherine. Tori, André, Cat, Beck, Jade, and Robbie all thought that Bunny was an actual rabbit, but Sikowitz later told them that she was a cat. She lived in Los Angeles with Catherine but later moved to Florida, which caused great pain and depression for Sikowitz because he loved Bunny. She was only mentioned in the episode Tori Tortures Teacher.


  • She is almost like Sam's cat in iCarly, Frothy, who is also three-legged. It is unknown whether this was put in on purpose or if it was just a coincidence.
  • The bunny truly is a cat.
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