• Babycakey

    Hi everyone.

    As many of you are aware, Sam and Cat premieres on Saturday, June 8th. The series title says it all; one of Victorious's main characters will be going on new adventures and meeting new people in this new show. With that in mind, however, I ask that you keep the content of all articles in this wiki limited to events that occurred on Victorious only (so as to keeping them strictly cannon with regard to Victorious). 

    While a small mention on a character or ship page stating that the character appeared or was mention on Sam and Cat is acceptable, any details and/or specific 'moments' regarding such appearance or mention belong on the character/ship page on the Sam and Cat Wiki. Same rule applies to photos in photo galleries.

    For the mo…

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  • Cc71

    Hey guys,

    Usually every month we ask for people to vote on featured articles for the main page, but since Victorious ended, we haven't received many suggestions, so I wanted to open it up to you all to discuss what we should do with the main page from now on.

    So far I have the following:

    • Keep it as is and continue having suggestions and voting each month
    • Make it so that all the characters/episodes/pairings/etc can show up and it changes each time you refresh the page
    • Have articles about the newest information on the cast members

    Please leave your opinions on these and add any suggestions you may have :)

    Update: Thanks to those who gave input :) Maybe as a compromise between the 2nd and 3rd ideas, we could have the refreshing of the featured chara…

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  • Babycakey

    Recent Vandals

    March 14, 2013 by Babycakey

    Hi everyone :)

    So, as some of you may have noticed, there have been constant (almost daily) vandals on this wiki as of late. In some cases they act like “generic” trolls, in other words they vandalize pages, insert inappropriate images, etc. In other cases they specifically target certain user profiles (mostly mine, but Cc has been targeted as well).

    Many, but not all, of these acts of vandalism are done by “Kayla”, we know which ones are hers. Others, mostly the one editing my profile page, may or may not be somebody else (we don’t know who it could be, but if it continues we can ask staff about it and hopefully they’ll cooperate).

    But the reason I’m writing this blog is not to complain about vandals, but rather to address a few issues.

    1. Do not…
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  • Eric the Grape

    I'm not fit to be a bureaucrat or an administrator. That is all.

    P.S.: I'm deleting both my Wikia accounts, my twitter, and everything else.

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  • Cc71

    New Forums

    December 4, 2012 by Cc71

    Hi everyone, Wikia has released this new forum feature for us to have wiki discussions. We will probably leave this feature up for the rest of the week for you to test out. For more information about all the features, view the staff blog.

    You can see the feature and test it out at Special:Forum.

    Please comment below on whether or not you wish to keep these forums. Thanks!

    Update: It has been a week and most have voted no, so we will be disabling this feature. Thank you for your input.

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  • Cc71

    Gallery Clean Up

    October 14, 2012 by Cc71

    Hey guys, we've been having some problems with galleries being overcrowded and taking too long to load, so we ask you to help us clean them up.

    There are a LOT of duplicate images that should be cleared out. Removing images that have the same file name are a given, but also I know a lot of people like to take screencaps of episode scenes to add them to galleries, and we do not need five images of the same scene uploaded by five different people to the same gallery.

    For example, if you're in Gallery:Beck Oliver, and you see a picture in which you can only see a part Beck's arm, please take that out! These images make it difficult to find the proper images you're looking for in a gallery.

    If you're looking to become a more helpful editor, this …

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  • Ciria

    Category Clean Up (Again)

    July 14, 2012 by Ciria

    Hi guys, so we've (CC and I) constantly been having an issue with people adding too many categories on pages, so we need your help in cleaning up.

    First, please keep in mind that our policies state that new categories may not be created without an admin's approval. If you do so, you will receive a warning from an admin or rollback.

    • Food
    • Corporations
    • Stores
    • Episodes With Life Risks
    • Episodes about ___ (pairings)
    • Aliases
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Unseen Relatives
    • ____(Char)'s Family
    • Episodes without Trina/Beck
    • We're also getting rid of quadruplet pairings.
    • Tori and Andre Songs
    • Episodes that feature the title

    • Characters
    • Main Characters
    • Males/Females (Depending on gender)
    • Teens
    • Hollywood Arts Students

    • Characters
    • Minor Characters
    • Recurring Characters
    • Male/Female (Depending on gen…

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  • Cc71

    Chat Emoticon Requests

    June 12, 2012 by Cc71

    Hey guys! We've decided to make a blog for you all to request emoticons for use in the chat room.

    You may suggest a code name for the emoticon (what you want to type to see the emote) and provide a link to the image/gif you want to be used for it. Make sure they are appropriate and do not violate our policies. Keep in mind emoticons are very small, so whatever picture you choose will be shrunk to fit the height of one line in the chat.

    An admin will check your requests and approve it before adding it to the MediaWiki page. We may tweak the code you suggest if the code already exists or for other reasons.

    Have fun! Cc71 Leave me a message :] 04:46, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Echmann1174

    There has been a rash of users creating new episode pages based solely on info from IMDb and Tumblr. There's a couple problems with this.

    IMDb is not a reliable source, because it is largely user-generated content, without any fact-checking.

    Facebook and Tumblr posts from minor guest stars are very unreliable. Only official social networking sites (i.e. DanWarp, Victorious, and the cast) are considered reliable.

    I know new info about new episodes is exciting, especially if you're an avid shipper. But Ciria and I have decided that if we're going to have guidelines and policies, they need to be enforced.

    Also, character birthdays need to be deleted from articles – the only confirmed character birthday is Jade West.

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  • PatromeLover202

    I have some bad news

    I need to leave the wiki

    I'm leaving until may 31st

    I'm leaving because i have like 11 exams until may 31st and this wiki will distract me from studying

    On weekends,i will be on the wiki and on chat (that's the only time i will be able to come on the wiki during that time)

    If you have Tumblr and/or Twitter,leave me a message on any of them and i will replay ASAP (I won't be on them much,unless it's the weekend)

    I f you don't have an account on ether of them,leave a message on my message wall and i will replay on the weekend

    My Tumblr

    My Twitter

    • Nikz-Is it me or you hate me because of my sexuality?
    • MLH-I hope Galex happens while i'm gone
    • Cait-Ask Odeeh and Cliff if they have working e-mails ,so they can tell wikia about "you know …

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