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Auditions are used to try out for entertainment, such as acting, singing or dancing. In an audition, you will need to perform whatever the person in charge wants you to do.

Auditions in Hollywood Arts

Auditions are needed to get into Hollywood Arts High School. They can be seen in Helen Back Again and How Trina Got In.

Helen Back Again

The students of H.A. have to re-audition in order to continue to attend.


  • Cat: Juggling, Acting and Singing
  • Jade: Made a movie (wrote, directed and starred in it)
  • Beck: Performed a scene

How Trina Got In

The whole episode is based on the main characters trying to figure out how Trina got into Hollywood Arts.

Other Auditions

Tori Goes Platinum

Another form of auditions are used to see who will sing at the Platinum Music Awards.


  • Andre Harris: Aquarius
  • Trina Vega: Possibly Waste Your Time
  • Unnamed Quartet: Dream Island
  • Gibby Gibson: Loving You (note that this was from a clip from

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