All In This Together is a song sung by Niki Watkins. It is featured in the episode, The Breakfast Bunch, when the gang is all dancing in the library. However, as seen on TheSlap, the alternate song title is "In This Together."



No two flames will burn the same

Together they ignite

We're not here to play your games
We're here to make it right
Yeah we understand

And we're not afraid to fight
Now you know our plan
We're takin' over tonight!
Cuz we're all in this together

And we're never backing down
And things are getting better
Cuz we're turning this around
Yeah we're all in this together
Even if you're far from home
Nothing else will even matter

Cuz' you'll never be
You'll never be alone

Music Video

Victorious- All In This Together The Breakfast Bunch00:55

Victorious- All In This Together The Breakfast Bunch

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