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As amazing as this episode is...there is just ONE thing that I didn't enjoy about it.

When "Louise Nordoff" starts singing, she's actually good. That's because, of course, it's Vic/Tori underneath all the makeup and costumes. But they just laugh at her because she's ugly.

Then, Vic/Tori takes off all the junk and she looks pretty, and she has the same exact voice, but they all treat her differently because she looks beautiful. Then the crowd cheers her on and the two girls are jealous.

This entire performance, as fun and entertaining it is, is just promoting that ugly people have no talent. Which is 100% false. Many people are amazingly talented, but they don't have all those good looks, and now on a show that us children watch, they are just proving that it might be true.

Which I think is kind of dumb, considering kids can be mean. But whatever. lol.

Sorry if I made anyone mad, and if you wanna bash this comment, bash it. I just needed to say that it's just...bad that they do that on a kid's show.

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